'Emmerdale' star Amy Walsh announces she's having a baby!

Amy Walsh from Emmerdale on the red carpet
Amy Walsh has revealed she is expecting a baby. (Image credit: Getty)

Congratulations are in order for Emmerdale star Amy Walsh and her EastEnders boyfriend Toby-Alexander Smith.

The couple, who play Dales’ new mum Tracy Metcalfe and Walford serial killer Gray Atkins, are expecting a baby together!

They announced their happy news to OK! Magazine, with Walsh explaining that she was stunned to fall pregnant so easily as she suffers from polycystic ovary syndrome, which can affect fertility.

The 34-year-old revealed, "I thought I might struggle with fertility, so for pregnancy to happen quite easily and when I wanted – I was gobsmacked. 

“We feel incredibly lucky. I was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome at 20, so I always thought falling pregnant was going to be a battle.

"It's something you feel you have to tell someone when you meet them, because you feel like you need to warn them. Toby knew how worried I was, especially as I'm a bit older. 

“I did wonder if it would ever happen for me, so it feels like a blessing."

EastEnders Gray Atkins

Dad-to-be: Amy's partner is Toby-Alexander Smith, better known as EastEnders' murderous Gray Atkins. (Image credit: BBC)

Speaking of the moment he discovered he was going to be a dad, 31-year-old Toby added, “It was just such a concoction of emotions. We both assumed it would take a long time, so everything in that moment felt magical. I was in disbelief...

"I don't think there's a bigger commitment than having a baby with someone. I have always seen myself having kids, but it's one of those things I've never put an age on. 

“For me, it was about finding the right person, and then the minute we met, I knew."

The couple, who met whilst in the audience of Strictly Come Dancing in 2019, say their baby is due around Christmas time, and they have no plans to find out the sex in advance.

The announcement comes as both are in the midst of big storylines in their respective shows. 

Emmerdale Nate Tracy

Moving forward: Tracy (pictured with partner Nate, played by Jurell Carter) is getting help after recently admitting she was struggling to cope with baby daughter Frankie. (Image credit: ITV)

Amy’s Emmerdale alter-ego, Tracy Metcalfe, is currently receiving treatment for postnatal depression, having finally opened up about how difficult she has found life with baby daughter Frankie.

The new mum is also set to tie the knot with partner Nate Dingle.

Toby’s EastEnders character, Gray Atkins, meanwhile, has opened up a can of worms for himself by telling Shirley Carter that he saw her missing sister, Tina, on a bus. 

Tina, in fact, was murdered by Gray last Christmas, and he has lied about the sighting in a bid to get money from Shirley after being fired from his job as a solicitor. He is also responsible for the deaths of his wife Chantelle and market trader Kush Kazemi.

EastEnders Gray

The end is nigh: Gray's web of lies is set to unravel. (Image credit: BBC)

EastEnders’ senior executive producer Kate Oates recently revealed that the Walford widower, who has so far successfully covered his tracks, won’t be able to hide from the truth for much longer.

“Life is going to throw Gray a curveball; something out of his control, that will bring the story back to its grass roots as he tries to start again in a new relationship,” she says. 

“But Gray hasn’t been as clever as he thinks. Smoking guns are all over the Square, just waiting to be found. Gray’s downfall awaits…”

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