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Emmerdale star Matthew Wolfenden teases Jacob’s WEIRD reaction to monster Maya’s release

Emmerdale Maya and Jacob’s domestic bliss is interrupted as David arrives home early in Emmerdale

‘David’s biggest fear is that Jacob will try to find her,’ says Matthew

Emmerdale star Matthew Wolfenden has revealed that David Metcalfe is sent into meltdown when he discovers that his son’s abuser Maya Stepney is getting out of jail.

His son Jacob (Joe-Warren Plant) appeared to be finally moving on from twisted Maya (Louisa Clein), thinking of a career in medicine and dating Leanna.

David Metcalfe and Maya Stepney

David lives in fear of Maya creeping her way back into Jacob's life in Emmerdale (Image credit: ITV)

But Matthew reveals that David is rocked when he gets a shock phone call from prison – Maya is being released early from her 12-month sentence for good behaviour.

David wants to keep the news from Jacob, but Leyla says they have to tell Jacob the truth.

And Matthew teases that Jacob has a strange reaction to the news.

“David’s biggest fear is that Jacob will try to find Maya. But Leyla says they owe it to Jacob not to treat him like a child, so they tell him, together.

“Jacob is oddly cool, and says, ‘Okay, thanks for telling me. David’s like, ‘Do you want to talk about it?’ but Jacob says, ‘No, I’m over it’. He wants to go and meet Leanna, and forget about Maya. Or so it seems…”

Just as David feared, Jacob then starts behaving oddly, at one point vanishing, leading David to worry about where he’s been.

Emmerdale, Jacob Gallagher, Leanna Cavanagh

Jacob and Leanna share a passionate kiss... and more in Emmerdale next week (Image credit: ITV)

And Jacob then takes things to the next level with Leanna. He then starts acting strangely with her too, leaving Leanna feeling confused and rejected. And to make things worse, Liam discovers that Jacob has slept with his daughter and accuses him of forcing himself on her.

Emmerdale, Liam Cavanagh, Jacob Gallagher

Liam storms in and accuses Jacob of forcing Leanna into sleeping with him

Is Jacob telling his dad a string of lies when he says it’s over between him and Maya? Is he about to try and make contact with Maya?

Emmerdale continues on ITV.