Emmerdale star reveals Maya’s TWISTED plan to bed teen Jacob

Jacob is nervous and excited in Emmerdale when he heads to the bedroom with Maya in Emmerdale

It’s Jacob’s 16th birthday next week in Emmerdale and Maya has a “special” present lined up

Predatory teacher Maya Stepney plans to take her obsession with young Jacob Gallagher one sordid step further next week in Emmerdale.

With the schoolboy turning 16, Maya – who is in a relationship with Jacob’s dad, David Metcalfe – has decided to sleep with the smitten teen as a “birthday present”.

When Liv Flaherty, who’s dating Jacob (played by Joe-Warren Plant), turns up on his doorstep with her own birthday present, Maya watches on and fumes as he gives her a kiss. The next day, Maya meets Jacob to "study" and suggests they take the lesson somewhere private.

Angry Maya sees everything in Emmerdale

In preparation for his big night with Maya Stepney, Jacob adds romantic touches to the summerhouse, but is stunned when Liv arrives and the pair share a heartfelt cuddle

But when they head up to Jacob’s room, Maya’s put off by his childlike bedroom and backs away. She soon finds a solution, however: the summerhouse.

As the big event looms, excited Jacob’s trying to make the summerhouse look romantic when Liv arrives! Forced to cover, Jacob pretends that his efforts were for Liv (played by Isobel Steele), and he pales when she starts contemplating the idea of them having sex.

Angry Maya sees everything in Emmerdale

Thwarted: Angry Maya sees Liv and Jacob together in the summer house in Emmerdale next week

Meanwhile, outside, Maya has arrived and is furious to see Liv getting in the way of her seducing her prey…

“Maya is insecure,” says Louisa Clein, who plays her. “Maya is single-minded about getting what she wants and she has no sense of consequence of how it will affect anyone else,” says Louisa Clein, who plays her. “When he’s with Liv, she’s losing control and she panics.”

What will Maya do now she's spotted Jacob with Liv? And when will dad David learn the truth about what's been going on between his son and Maya?

Emmerdale continues on ITV.

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