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Emmerdale to see Vinny left for DEAD by Paul after sickening attack

Paul kills Vinny in Emmerdale

Paul lashes out in his most shocking attack yet...

Emmerdale favourite Vinny Dingle is set to find his life on the line next week when his dad, Paul brutally attacks him.

The terrifying twist comes as Vinny overhears Paul talking to someone about his kidnapping and realises things don't add up.

Vinny overhears a conversation in Emmerdale

Vinny realises Paul has been lying to them all about his kidnapping (Picture: ITV)

When Paul gets some of the details wrong, Vinny starts to suspect that his dad is hiding something and tells Liv about the inconsistencies.

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While Mandy is living her best life at her hen do, Vinny uses the opportunity to tell his dad that he saw the van that he was kidnapped in hanging around the scrap yard.

Paul panics that his cover is about to be blown and gets on the phone to Connor to vent his anger.

Will Paul kill Vinny in Emmerdale

Paul's secret is revealed, leaving Vinny in grave danger (Picture: ITV)

However, Vinny listens in to the whole conversation and the penny soon drops that Paul lied about the entire thing to get his hands on Liv's life savings.

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Vinny confronts Paul

Sickened by his dad's behaviour, Vinny corners him at the scrap yard.

However, confronting his dad might be the last thing Vinny ever does when things turn nasty.

Will Paul kill Vinny in Emmerdale

Vinny is terrified when Paul gets angry (Picture: ITV)

Vinny announces to Paul that he's going to tell Mandy everything, and with his lies unravelling in front of him, Paul lashes out to save his own skin.

Terrified, Vinny starts to backtrack, but Paul isn't listening and pummels him to the floor.

Has Paul killed Vinny in Emmerdale

Has Paul killed Vinny? (Picture: ITV)

Desperate to silence Vinny, Paul beats him to a pulp and leaves him lying unconscious on the ground.

But as blood starts to trickle out of Vinny's mouth, has Paul just killed his own son?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays - see our TV Guide for full listings.