Evil Geoff to drip these POISONOUS words into Yasmeen's ear in Coronation Street, reveals star

Geoff in Coronation Street
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Twisted Geoff claims to love Yasmeen still

Coronation Street star Shelley King (opens in new tab) has revealed the chilling words Geoff (Ian Bartholomew) will tell Yameen in the latest shocking twist in the abuse storyline.

In Coronation Street next week Yasmeen’s court case is looming, but her list of supporters is growing.

Coronation Street spoilers: Yasmeen Nazir pleads not guilty!

Yasmeen pleaded not guilty

Geoff is desperate to get Yasmeen - who’s been charged with attempted murder after lashing out at him - back under his evil control and so he decides to call her.

Yammen - who has a former EastEnders star playing her cellmate! (opens in new tab) - is stunned to hear Geoff’s voice and then, reveals Shelley, these twisted words spill out of his mouth. He later withdraws charges against Yasmeen.

“The sound of his voice calms her in a way,” she says. And then the bombshell comes… “He says, 'I still love you' but he also says, ‘I’m willing to forgive you’.”

Geoff's evil actions including tricking Yasmeen into eating her pet chicken, Charlotte

Geoff's evil actions including tricking Yasmeen into eating her pet chicken, Charlotte

It’s Geoff’s latest twisted move in his appalling campaign which famously saw him cook Yasmeen’s chicken and dish it up to her (opens in new tab).

Could Yasmeen fall for Geoff's lies?

And what’s frightening is it looks like Geoff’s poison could work on Yasmeen. Alya can’t believe it when Yasmeen calls and says she thinks Geoff is really sorry.

“Yasmeen is tempted to agree,” says Shelley. “She doesn’t want her life to be made public. She wants to be left alone and to carry on her life.”

Coronation Street spoilers: Geoff Metcalfe drops a bombshell!

Geoff knows the net is closing in when he talks to the police

And Geoff has another sick trick up his sleeve. He claims to Yasmeen that he will seek professional help and it looks like Yasmeen may buy his lies.

“It’s a dilemma because she really wants him to change,” says Shelley. “We don’t know what she’s going to do, as many women do believe it, that’s why these relationships go on and on.”

Is Geoff really going to worm his way back in with Yasmeen again? Can Alya or anyone else stop him?

Coronation Street continues on ITV.

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