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Ex-Neighbours star Felix Mallard in new Netflix productions

Ben Kirk in Neighbours
(Image credit: Rob Maccoll)

From Ramsay Street to Hollywood. Ex-Neighbours star Felix Mallard, who played Ben Kirk, is busy with lots of new TV projects.

Ex-Neighbours star Felix Mallard, who played Karl and Susan Kennedy's grandson Ben Kirk, has been a busy boy since leaving Ramsay Street behind in 2018.

After moving to the US, Felix played a popstar in American sitcom Happy Together - which was loosely based on the life of ex-One Direction singer Harry Styles.

Unfortunately the comedy was cancelled after just one season. But the good news is, Felix is now attached to three new Netflix productions.

First up, there's romantic drama All The Bright Things, based on the young adult novel by Jennifer Niven.

The film adaptation, due for release later this year, is about two troubled teenagers Violet Markey (played by Elle Fanning) and Theodore Finch (Justice Smith) brought together by an attempted suicide. Felix plays a high school bully, Roamer.

The Aussie actor has also been filming a role in the forthcoming Netflix adaptation of comic book series, Locke & Key, which follows the dark and scary adventures of three siblings who inherit a haunted house after the murder of their dad.

In the 10-part first season, Felix plays high school student Lucas Caravaggio, who in the comic books gets possessed by a demon!

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And just announced is a young adult drama, Ginny & Georgia, about the relationship between a mum and daughter living in a New England town.  According to Variety, Felix will play Marcus, the edgy bad boy from across the street.

The series will launch on Netflix in 2020.