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EXPOSED! Turmoil and devastation in Hollyoaks as this character’s terrible lies are finally discovered

(Image credit: C4)

As the truth is finally revealed, there are devastating consequences for this Hollyoaks’ favourite

Maxine Minniver (played by Nikki Sanderson) has been faking a terminal illness in Hollyoaks for months now - but her lies are finally about to be exposed next week in the Channel 4 soap and this could have huge consequences for her wedding!

So far she has managed to convince her friends and fiance, Damon Kinsella (Jacob Roberts) that she may not have long left to live and has tricked everyone into racing, full-steam ahead with her dream wedding plans!

Maxine Minniver tries on wedding dresses

Bridezilla Maxine has lied to ensure she has her dream wedding

However with the Big Day looming, Bridezilla Maxine’s lies and deception are about to explode in her face as Doctor Levi Rochester’s suspicions about her condition, reach a head and he calls her bluff!

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When the doc tells Maxine about a new treatment that could help her, rather than be flooded with relief and hope, Maxine instead seems to be annoyed. Odd behavior for someone claiming to be near death’s door!

Doctor Levi Rochester

Doctor Levi Rochester (played by Cerith Flinn) rumbles Maxine's terrible deception

And when Dr Levi asks her to take the new medication to help with her "constant pain", an already flustered Maxine is put on the spot when she has to swallow the pills in front of him.

With the pressure mounting, the jittery mum suddenly attempts to bolt from the room and in the process forgets to use her crutches!

With all the tests and evidence now conclusive that there is absolutely nothing wrong with patient Maxine, will Doctor Rochester reveal the truth to hoodwinked Damon who is getting ready to party?

Damon Kinsella

It's Damon's stag night but it's all about to go horribly wrong (Image credit: James Stack)

Max is in a blind panic thinking her fiancé is about to learn the terrible truth and ruins Damon’s stag night when she attempts to do damage limitation and calls him with some SHATTERING news.

Damon Kinsella

Damon gets some devastating news on his stag night (Image credit: James Stack)

What has she told him?  Is it too late and has Damon already discovered his wife-to- be has been faking her "terminal illness"?  And is their wedding day - set for Monday 29th July - about to dramatically hit the buffers?

Hollyoaks is shown weekdays on C4 at 6.30pm with the next episode following on E4.

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