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SHOCK EXIT on the cards as THIS Coronation Street legend departs the cobbles

Coronation Street
(Image credit: ITV)

Coronation Street's Bernie Winter makes the shocking decision to leave Weatherfield next week... but why?

Next week's Coronation Street sees Bernie Winter make the tough decision to leave her live in Weatherfield, which also means leaving her two children and four grandchildren behind...

Bernie's decision to move on to pastures new comes after Gemma and her quads are almost killed in a horrific arson attack that was meant for her paedophile ex Kel Hinchley.

Coronation Street spoilers: Can Chesney Brown save Gemma from the fire?

Gemma and the babies are in danger when they become the victims of an arson attack (Picture: ITV)

Chesney is horrified to get home to find someone has gratified 'paedo' on the front of their house, but it's when he then sees flames licking at the door that he really panics.

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As Abi races over from the garage with a fire extinguisher to help put out the fire, Chesney desperately tries to get into the house and save him family.

Meanwhile Gemma and the babies are soundly asleep upstairs, oblivious to the danger they are in, but thankfully Gemma wakes just in time to realise what is happening and is horrified to see the state of their house.

Coronation Street spoilers: Bernie arrives to cause trouble for Gemma Winter

Gemma and Chesney's life has been turned upside down thanks to Bernie's antics since she arrived (Picture: ITV)

While Gemma and the babies are rushed to hospital, Chesney lashes out at Bernie for bringing so much drama to their door, making her think that perhaps her family would be better off without her.

Despite the police saying they will have a car outside their house 24 hours a day to protect them against future attacks, Chesney and Gemma feel happier when Fresco offer to put the family up in a hotel.

Coronation Street Gemma Winter mum Bernie

Bernie decides to leave the cobbles for pastures new next week (Picture: ITV) (Image credit: ITV)

But the trouble only makes Bernie's decision to leave all the easier and, now convinced that it is time for her to move on to pastures new, she makes the announcement that she is leaving.

As she says a teary goodbye, will this be the end to the drama for Gemma and Chesney?

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