Coronation Street spoilers: Can Chesney Brown save Gemma and the quads from the fire?

Coronation Street spoilers: Can Chesney Brown save Gemma from the fire?

Chesney Brown returns to a burning house covered in graffiti!

In the second episode of Coronation Street tonight (8.30pm, see our TV Guide for full listings) Chesney Brown arrives home to find ‘paedo’ daubed on the window and flames licking at the door. Abi rushes over from the garage with a fire extinguisher, as Gemma appears at the top of the stairs, realising they’ve had a lucky escape. As Gemma and the quads are taken to hospital to get checked out Chesney lets rip at Paul and Bernie for bringing trouble to their door.

Chesney rushes to save Gemma as flames lick at the door

Chesney Brown rushes to save Gemma as flames lick at the door

Hope finally breaks her silence and tells Christine that Jade applied the bruises to her arm and told her to say that Mummy did them. Christine questions Jade but she sticks to her story, accusing Fiz of abusing her daughter.

Fiz returns home, all accusations dropped, but while Ruby launches herself at Mummy, Hope refuses to make eye contact. When Fiz states that Jade will never set foot in their house again, a furious Hope dashes upstairs, secretly calls Jade and asking if they can still go away together. Hope lies in bed wide-awake and fully dressed!

Tim despairs when Kevin makes a snide remark about Abi landing herself a sugar daddy and she storms out.

Tim is infuriated by Kevin's behaviour

Tim is infuriated by Kevin's behaviour

David explains to Max that with Shona being moved to Leeds, he’ll need to spend a couple of nights a week at Marion’s. Max puts on a brave face but it’s clear he’s worried...

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