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Did you ever spot The One Where Chandler forgot the rules of pool in Friends?

Did you ever spot The One Where Chandler forgot the rules of pool in Friends?
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Rachel puts Chandler off his game...

Chandler was always famously useless at sport, well except table tennis, so perhaps it explains why he gets the rules of pool totally wrong in an apparent Friends blooper - or possibly it's just Chandler being rubbish at pool!

One eagle eyed Friends fan spotted that dopey Chandler is trying to pot the white using the yellow – which everyone who’s ever played pool knows is not right!

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The scene featured in the 1996 episode The One With The Flashback which sees Rachel fantasing about sleeping with Chandler – perhaps that explains why he’s making his pool mistake!

Chandler says: “I can’t believe you came back,” to which Rachel replies: “Don’t say anything. I don’t want to speak. I don’t want to think. I just want you to take me and kiss me and make love to me, right here, right now,” before she thumps the jukebox and a tune comes on. At which point they kiss… and then Rachel comes around from her dream!

Recently a blooper came to light in The One Where Ross Dates A Student in the scene where Rachel is at Joey’s playing the oh-so-satisfying game of throwing wet paper towels at a cupboard.

But while the pair seem engrossed in their new game, eagle-eyed fans have spied Matt LeBlanc actually mouths Jennifer Aniston’s line: "I love it at Joey’s". Check it out...

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It’s been 14 years since Friends first aired in the UK, but still, we’re glad to say the sit-com continues to be as popular as ever.

Recently the re-runs have appeared on Netflix allowing us to binge on the show like never before. But alas it looks like it’s unlikely to ever return…

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