FuboTV adds AT&T SportsNet to its base subscription

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FuboTV today announced that it'll carry AT&T SportsNet on its base plan. That's a big deal for sports fans in the extended Pittsburgh area, which includes Pennsylvania and West Virginia, and portions of New York, Ohio and Maryland.

“We are thrilled to announce this deal with fuboTV and give fans even more options to watch the Pittsburgh Pirates and Pittsburgh Penguins in their home market,” Nina Kinch, Vice President of Affiliate Relations for AT&T Sports Networks, said in a press release. “Both teams have enormous fan bases and we have had a lot of demand to bring these teams to OTT providers. We are very excited that customers will now have that option with fuboTV.”

The addition brings more than 225 live regular-season Pittsburgh Pirates (that's Major League Baseball) and Pittsburgh Penguins (that's the NHL) games to the streaming service.

“In talking with many fans over the past year, a recurring theme I have heard is the strong desire for expanded streaming options to watch our games, especially among families and young professionals,” said Travis Williams, President, Pittsburgh Pirates. “We appreciate AT&T’s SportsNet and fuboTV reaching an agreement to bring this additional option to our fans. Now family members who are seemingly constantly on the run and others that want to watch our games from any device, anywhere within our home territory have another option to do so.”

The only catch? You'll have to be within that AT&T SportsNet service area.

“As a sports-first live TV streaming platform, our goal is to offer consumers regional sports networks with leading local market position and full team coverage, at pricing customers can afford,” said Ben Grad, Head of Content Strategy and Acquisition for fuboTV. “Therefore, we are excited to bring full home coverage of Pittsburgh Pirates and Pittsburgh Penguins to their fans with our new agreement with AT&T Sports Networks. fuboTV is now a great choice for sports fans in Pittsburgh and, with our leading live sports, news and entertainment content portfolio, there is something for everyone at home to watch and enjoy.”

AT&T SportsNet Pittsburgh will be a part of the Fubo Standard plan, which has more than 100 channels for $59.99 a month. The next step up is Fubo Family, which adds 500 hours of DVR and three screens at a time. Or there's Fubo Elite, which gets you more than 150 channels, 1,000 hours of the cloud-based DVR, and up to five streams at once for $79.99.

FuboTV is available on just about every modern hardware platform, and it's one of the few ways to watch the occasional sports event in upscaled 4K resolution.

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