HBO Max is now available as an app on LG smart TVs in the United States

HBO Max on LG Smart TV
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It just got a lot easier to watch HBO Max on your LG Smart TV. The premium streaming service is now available as a native app on LG's webOS platform, meaning you don't have to use a separate device to watch all the movies and shows that HBO Max has to offer.

The app is available on LG OLED TVs, QNED Mini LED TVs, and LG NanoCell TVs from 2018 and newer. You'll need to be running webOS 4.0 to install the app.

From there, you'll just log in (you'll need to subscribe to HBO Max already), and then start watching.

HBO Max is the streaming service from the former WarnerMedia (which has been spun off from AT&T and is combining with Discovery), and it comes in two flavors. You can get the full version for $14.99 a month — same as the legacy HBO service it essentially replaces. Or you can get a $9.99 plan that includes advertising — and eschews any sort of streaming in 4K and offline viewing, and you won't get any of the 2021 Warner Bros. movies that are seeing simultaneous releases in theaters.

In addition to LG smart TVs, you also can watch HBO Max on Roku, and on Amazon Fire TV, which takes care of the two largest streaming platforms in the world. It's also available on Android TV and Google TV, on Apple TV, on Android and iOS devices, and also in a web browser.

HBO Max has more than 13,000 hours of content at the ready. In addition to all things HBO, it's also where you'll find the catalogs from Warner Bros., the DC Universe, Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, the Turner family of networks, and more. 

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