Holby City: Chloe to uncover Ange and Dom’s BIG secret?

Ange and Chloe Godard in Holby City
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Holby City's Ange Godard wants to tell Chloe the truth about Dominic. But it seems Chloe might find out before Ange gets the chance, as Dawn Steele reveals…

It's safe to say it's been a turbulent few weeks for Holby City consultant Ange Godard.

Since finding out medic Dominic Copeland is her biological son, Ange has decided to keep this shock news a secret from her daughter Chloe. Until now. This week, Ange reckons it’s high time Chloe knew the truth.

To get the ball rolling, Ange asks Chloe (Amy Lennox) if she wants to join her for dinner that night and Chloe agrees. With her plan seemingly in place, Ange then warns Dom she’s going to tell Chloe that he’s her son – and Chloe’s half-brother! Dom’s anxious but is clearly pleased that things will finally be out in the open…

"Ange loves her daughter and is continually just trying to protect her," says Dawn Steele, who plays Ange. "They’re very similar, so they do clash a bit. But, deep down, they've got a very caring relationship."

Ange knows she has to handle the situation with Chloe carefully, especially as Chloe's just broken up with boyfriend Evan. So both women are taken aback when Evan (Jack Ryder) turns up as Keller's new locum registrar!

Chloe Evan Holby City

It's safe to say Chloe doesn't much like having her on-off boyfriend Evan on the ward!

Chloe tries as best she can to work alongside Evan but, when Ange can see she’s struggling, she secretly arranges to have him transferred to another hospital. "When it comes to Evan, Ange doesn’t think he’s the best thing for Chloe," says Dawn.

Sly Evan, however, soon suspects Ange has been poking her nose into his business. So when he then notices an email titled "Chloe" in Ange’s inbox from Dom saying: "Message me after you’ve told her" Evan decides two can play that game – and he secretly forwards the email to Chloe!

When Chloe confronts Ange over the email asking what she wants to "tell her", Ange lies and says she doesn’t know what she’s talking about. However, Chloe’s convinced she’s being kept in the dark over SOMETHING and decides to get to the bottom of things… her way.

Ange Godard Dominic Copeland and Chloe Godard in Holby City

Chloe knows there's something going on. And she's determined to find out what it is!

Will Chloe find out the truth? And how will she react if she does? One thing’s for certain, we’re heading for some MAJOR drama at Holby…

"It’s safe to say Ange and Chloe are in murky waters now," says Dawn. "There’s a lot to come."

Holby City continues Tuesdays at 8pm on BBC1.

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