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Holby City legend Paul Bradley teases Christmas Jac Naylor episode twist

Holby City Elliot hugs Jack
(Image credit: BBC)

Jac might need a hug this Christmas

Holby City favourite Paul Bradley has teased details of a “quite Christmassy” episode involving Jac Naylor to be shown over the festive period.

Next week former EastEnders star Paul will be seen returning as iconic doctor Elliot Hope for the show’s 1000th episode, where Elliot turns up clutching flowers for Jac, who’s preparing to perform her 1,0000 heart transplant.

Now, talking to Inside Soap, Paul suggests that Elliot will also play a role in a Christmas episode of Holby City which will see the stony surgeon need help from her friends as she hits crisis point.

“[Elliot and Jac] are both very good at concealing what is upsetting them, so I think they recognise that and try to help each other,” he told the magazine.

“There is an episode towards the end of the year that is quite Christmassy called ‘Three Wise Men’ - referring to Elliot, Sacha and Fletch, the closest people to Jac.”

Smiling Elliot is delighted to see Jac

Look who's back in Holby City! (Image credit: BBC)

Meanwhile, Paul has told us he has lots of scenes involving Rosie Marcel, who plays Jac, in next week’s very special episode.

“Elliot’s back for the 150th anniversary of the hospital. And because it’s the 1000th episode they’ve pulled out all the stops!

“The first time you see Elliot his face is on Jac Naylor’s shoulder, as he hugs her. It’s lovely. I have a lot of scenes with Rosie Marcel, who plays Jac, and she’s just brilliant. There are real fireworks in the story and it gets pretty hairy!”

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He added: “There’s an ulterior motive for Elliot’s return to Holby and the hospital in particular. Something I can’t tell you about! He’s not just back for the anniversary… But he gets sidelined from his own problems as he tries to deal with Jac’s.

“He’s very close to her and can see signs that she’s not herself… He’s had his own mental health problems and knows something is not okay. It’s an intense and vital storyline for her. There are loads of twists and turns!”

Holby City continues next Tuesday for its 1000th episode on BBC1.