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Holby City fans 'in tears' after spotting THIS unexpected face last night

Holby City
(Image credit: BBC)

There was a ghostly presence in Holby City last night...

Holby City fans were left in tears after Raf di Lucca made a surprise return in the form of a ghost.

Viewers haven't seen Raf on their screens since he was tragically killed off in 2017.

The character was shot dead by Hendrik Hanssen's son, Fredrik during a rampage though the hospital.

Essie and Raf in Holby City BBC

Essie looked for comfort from her late husband, Raf (Picture: BBC)

Joe McFadden, who plays the former fan favourite, played surgeon for four years before he made his shock exit from the show.

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After leaving the show, actor Joe went on to join Strictly Come Dancing in 2017, and even went on to win the dancing competition.

Essie and Raf in Holby City BBC

Fans were thrilled to see Raf back on their screens (Picture: BBC)

Raf and Essie reunited 

But it seems fans prayers were answered last night, because Raf was back - albeit in the form of a ghost.

Raf's return came as he tried to offer some comfort to wife Essie, who has been diagnosed with terminal cancer.

The heartbreaking scenes between the former couple saw Raf trying to help Essie come to terms with the fact she was destined to leave this world sooner than she would have liked.

Essie and Raf in Holby City BBC

Essie is struggling with being diagnosed with terminal cancer (Picture: BBC)

As Essie talked to her dead husband, she was offered reassurance that she should make the most of the time she had left.

But for some fans seeing Raf on their screens again was all too emotional, and they took to social media to share their anguish...

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While fans were singing the character's praises, actor Joe McFadden thanked viewers for their lovely comments about his return.

Essie and Raf in Holby City BBC

Raf and Essie were reunited last night, and fans were left in tears (Picture: BBC)

Last night's Holby City also saw Louis take a shine to Nicky, Ric wrongfully accuse Guy of drinking, and Kain ended up in theatre after provoking Bea's son Phoenix into attacking him.

Holby City airs on Tuesdays at 8pm on BBC One.