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Hollyoaks Anna Passey reveals major twist for pregnant Sienna (VIDEO)

Anna Passey plays Sienna in Hollyoaks

Looks like Sienna's REALLY going to have her hands full when she eventually gives birth, as Anna Passey reveals...

Sienna's just found she's pregnant in Hollyoaks – and actress Anna Passey has revealed there's another shock just around the corner.

Fans of the Channel 4 soap will know that scheming Sienna recently discovered she was expecting a baby with her on-off lover Warren Fox (Jamie Lomas).

And talking to What's on TV on the blue carpet at the Royal Television Society Awards, where Hollyoaks had been nominated in the Best Soap category, Anna hinted there's major twist in the tale…

"I can reveal that they are in fact having twins, which is something the audience don't know yet," she confirmed. "So Warren and Sienna have made two little humans. I think this next year's going to be really exciting to see what comes of that."

Elaborating further on what's to come, Anna said: "I mean, you've picked two of the worst people to be parents, really. I think this next year is all going to be about whether she can make a go of it and make up for the mistakes she made with Nico [her teenage daughter, who died last year], whether Warren can be a good father and what kind of baby are they gonna make."

Anna said she loves playing such a multi-layered character like Sienna – and admits she's not always sure herself whether Sienna's actions are genuine or if she has an ulterior motive.

"When I first get the scripts, I have to really go through it with people and do a lot of work on it, to see how she actually feels about something because she has all of these different sides, so the side that she projects out isn't necessarily the truth of the situation. Also, I enjoy it because I love a big soapy twist and Sienna has a lot of those!"

Fans will be pleased to hear that Anna has no plans to leave Hollyoaks just yet.

"You would think with a character like Sienna that they would run out of ideas for her at some point but they always seem to have something really fab for her to do," said Anna. "So as long as that continues I'm really happy where I am."

Catch Hollyoaks weeknights at 6pm on Channel 4.