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Hollyoaks fans are worried about Ollie after Brooke goes into labour

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Brooke’s baby is finally arriving next week, but will she decide to keep it?

Hollyoaks is welcoming a new arrival very soon, with Brooke going into labour and being rushed to hospital.

But their official Twitter page has teased that dad-to-be Ollie Morgan (Aedan Duckworth) could be “setting himself up for heartbreak” if girlfriend Brooke Hathaway (Talia Grant) decides to put the baby up for adoption.

Sharing a clip of Ollie’s excitement, with him proudly revealing to Imran that he’d already bought some baby boots. He told his friend, “Behold my secret waeapon. Booties! And yes, these are Arsenal colours.”

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Imran looks concerned as he examines the present, saying, “Tell me you’re not going to ask Brooke to raise the baby again?

“And you’re dropping the bombshell on Valentine’s, when she’s already told you twice that she doesn’t want to do it.”

Hollyoaks Ollie

Brooke rejected Ollie's proposal last year... but will she keep their baby?

Despite Imran’s warning, it seems Ollie is convinced that he and Brooke will be able to raise the baby together.

This has caused quite the reaction from fans, worried that Ollie will end up very disappointed.

One wrote, “His plan is 100% going to blow up in his face. He’s going to end up alone with without Brooke and no kid if he sticks to his plan. He can at least have one of them but he needs to make a decision and stick with it.”

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Another added, “Aww I really feel for Ollie he wants to be a dad so badly.”

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And a third said, “Oh Ollie. You’ve got the wrong end of the stick. #Hollyoaks”

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“A fourth seemed optimistic about the situation, adding, “Really hope Brooke and Ollie keep the baby #Hollyoaks”

But there could be even more heartbreak for Ollie coming soon, as he still doesn’t know about dad Luke’s (Gary Lucy) terminal illness. Will Luke finally pluck up the strength to tell him?

The truth will be revealed on Wednesday 20th February at 7pm on E4.

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