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Hollyoaks fans react as Mercedes FINALLY reveals who shot her in shocking episode

Mercedes McQueen

Mercedes McQueen’s shooting shocked fans, and it seems she might’ve finally revealed who was behind it.

Whilst her former lover Liam Donovan was the prime suspect, Hollyoaks has now thrown us a curveball as Mercedes woke up from her coma and revealed she knew who was behind it.

The intense episode saw Mercedes waking up, claiming that her husband Sylver was the one behind the brutal attack.

“My husband? But it’s true. It was Sylver. Sylver McQueen shot me.” Mercedes insisted, much to the shock of those around her.

Sylver’s mum Breda and sister Goldie are in disbelief, confronting Mercedes about her accusation. They claimed that he loved her and wouldn’t do it.

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Despite being absolutely sure that Sylver shot her, fans took to Twitter to share their disbelief that her husband did it, and many of them seem to be siding with the McQueen family on this one.

Hollyoaks shared a poll asking fans if they believed Mercedes, and a whopping 81% of fans answered ‘Hell no!’

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Some fans have accused Mercedes of lying about it, because she knew her husband had cheated on her with Grace due to her regaining consciousness when he confessed at her bedside.

One fan said, “She twitched when Breda and Sylver was talking about Grace, she was probably awake and this is her revenge”

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Another wrote, “No way was it Sylver! She just heard the conversation between him and Breda, and her subconscious came up with that I reckon!! I still say it was Jesse!!! Sylver never could, he loves her too much”

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A third said that it “didn’t make sense”, adding, “How can she remember everything when she was on the floor for long it doesn’t make sense it wasn’t him he was with grace that night and sorry they got wrong person it got to be Liam or James Joel Breda”

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Following Mercedes’ revelation, Sylver has now been arrested but there’s a chance that someone else was responsible. Flashbacks show that Grace and Liam were also at the scene of the crime, but Mercedes was convinced it was her husband.

Is Mercedes telling the truth, or is Sylver really guilty? You’ll have to watch the next episode of Hollyoaks to find out more.

We’re on the edge of our seat over this one!