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Home and Away favourite SHOT DEAD in soap's season finale - but who dies?

Home and Away

There's terror in Home and Away when gunmen storm the hospital and take 20 people hostage...

Home and Away is gearing up for its most terrifying end of season finale ever as one Summer Bay favourite is shot dead as gunmen take people hostage in the Northern Districts Hospital... but who isn't going to make it out alive?

Home and Away has become famous for its explosive end of the year finales - and this year is set to be the biggest and most exciting ever as writers kill off one of Summer Bay's most beloved characters.

Home and Away end of season promo

HORROR in Home and Away when gunmen storm the Northern Districts Hospital in the end of season promo (Picture: Seven)

While the lucky fans over in Australia will get to watch these scenes unfold on screen this week, us UK viewers will have to wait until after Christmas for the drama to begin as we are about 4 weeks behind their schedule.

But thankfully a new end of season trailer has been released, showing us everything we can expect from Summer Bay in the new year. And it's certainly not going to disappoint...

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The trailer starts off warm and fluffy with Jasmine telling husband Robbo that she wants them to have a baby, and we are also treated to a shot of new mum Tori who is cradling baby Grace after coming home from the hospital.

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However, things suddenly change when armed gunmen storm into the hospital, taking everyone inside hostage, including lots of our Summer Bay favourites.

Home and Away end of season promo

Marilyn is one of those held hostage in the hospital (Picture: Seven)

Stuck inside are Marilyn, who, according to Australian website New To Love, has gone to the hospital as a favour for Tori to find baby's Grace's lost memory book, while Mackenzie is also in there with Bella, who has taken an overdose of pills.

Also held hostage are Jasmine, Alex and Mason, who are all working at the hospital at the time of the siege.

Home and Away end of season promo

Bella's life hangs in the balance when she is refused medical attention after taking an overdose (Picture: Seven)

Outside Colby is part of the police barricade around the building, stopping anyone from going in or out of the hospital.

But despite the negotiations going on, it seems it's too little, too late when gunfire rings out. But who has been shot?

Home and Away end of season promo

Colby tries to defuse the situation from outside the hospital (Picture: Seven)

In other Summer Bay drama, it looks like there is trouble between Dean and Ziggy as Ziggy reveals she has got some explaining to do to her boyfriend, while a terrifying car crash also looks like it could spell the end for someone.

Home and Away end of season promo

A deadly car crash is also on the cards for the end of season episodes (Picture: Seven)

The trailer reveals that Summer Bay residents will be saying goodbye to two friends, but who will be walking out of the drama alive, and who will be leaving in a body bag?

Home and Away is back on Monday 6th January 2020 at 1.15pm and 6pm on Channel 5