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Home and Away’s Luke Jacobz teases secrets of Angelo Rosetta return

Luke Jacobz has returned to Summer Bay as Angelo Rosetta (Channel 5/Seven)

Actor Luke Jacobz shares the story behind why Angelo Rosetta has made a surprise comeback and why he is delighted to return to Home and Away...

Luke Jacobz is back in the Bay as cop Angelo Rosetta in a surprise move, after nearly ten years out of the soap.

The Home & Away star revealed to that Angelo arrives with a huge storyline that has terrifying implications for FOUR Summer Bay favourites.

Luke Jacobz has returned to Summer Bay as Angelo Rosetta (Channel 5/Seven)

Luke posed with Ray Meagher (Alf Stewart) when he returned to set as Angelo Rosetta

When we last saw cop Angelo Rosetta, he’d quit the force and was headed out of the Bay for a new life with girlfriend Nicole Franklin and her baby George.

Now he’s reprised his badge and is hot on the trail of a huge investigation, after the body of Bella’s evil dad Ross Nixon is found.

Colby is horrified to see Angelo

“There was a connection with Ross to Mangrove River. Angelo doesn’t really like Mangrove River or the River Boys, so that was an incentive to find out what’s going on,” Luke explained about why Angelo was assigned to the case.

“All of a sudden he just rocks up on Alf’s doorstep!”

Home and Away, Colby Thorne, Bella Nixon, Sergeant Cooper

Colby Thorne and Bella Nixon try to keep their cool when they learn news of the investigation

Alf is shocked, but not half as much as Summer Bay cop Coby Thorne, who is hiding a deadly secret...

He shot Ross in cold blood in front of best mate Dean Thompson after Ross kidnapped Colby’s sister Bella Nixon, friend Willow Harris and ex-love Chelsea Campbell.

Colby's boss calls him and Bella in to tell them an investigation has been launched after finding Ross's body. When Angelo arrives in the Bay he makes a beeline for them.

Home and Away, Dean Thompson, Colby Thorne

Colby and Dean buried Ross in a shallow grave

“From the statements that were made about Nixon’s death, Willow and Bella were involved and Dean and Colby chased after him,” commented Luke.

“Colby was officially the last person to see him alive, so there just seemed to be a few shady areas and that’s where Angelo starts the investigation.

“He’s pretty good at his job. He doesn’t like to scratch the surface, he likes to deeply dig.”

With Angelo putting on the pressure, it doesn’t look good for Colby, let alone Bella, Dean and Willow who helped him hide the crime.

Is Angelo staying in the Bay?

“It’s not an easy investigation so he’s not going to leave before it’s finished,” shared Luke.

He wouldn’t reveal if Angelo is back for good, but he let us into a few secrets about what Angelo has been up to since we last saw him.

“He has a wife! Taylor’s a loving, caring, dedicated, devoted wife to Angelo. She’s extremely patient with him. She knows that when he starts working on a job he becomes fully focussed. She’s got her own business as a masseuse.”

Luke was happy for a return

When Luke was asked to come back, it was a welcome surprise. In the ten years that he’s been gone he’s concentrated on presenting rather than acting, hosting the Aussie version of X Factor and The Proposal and also starring on the fifth season of Australia’s I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here.

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Luke met X Factor creator Simon Cowell after hosting the Australian show

“I was always secretly chuffed that they didn’t kill my character off because there’s a lot of death in Summer Bay,” revealed Luke.

“Over the years, if anyone asked would I go back and I’d always have a smile and say, ‘Of course!’ I spent the last ten years presenting and I kind of thought I’d really like to get back into the acting.

“Then the phone call came about Angelo and it was like, 'you put it out to the universe and the universe delivers!'’’

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