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Home and Away newcomer Maddy Jevic teases BIG Amber secret

Home and Away, Amber Simmons, Bella Nixon
(Image credit: Channel 5)

New Home and Away star Maddy Jevic on carer Amber and her tragic connection to two Summer Bay favourites - and where you may have seen Maddy before…

Just when the former River Boys crew seemed to be dwindling, Summer Bay’s new home carer Amber Simmons pops up in Home and Away, revealing a surprise past with Mangrove River’s Dean Thompson, Colby Thorne and Willow Harris.

Actress Maddy Jevic chatted to to tell us more about what to expect from the latest resident of Summer Bay and why Amber doesn’t pull her punches - literally!

Home and Away, Ziggy Astoni, Dean Thompson, Amber Simmons

Dean Thompson chats with Amber Simmons but girlfriend Ziggy is left wondering who this mystery woman is! (Image credit: Channel 5)

“Growing up in Mangrove River, Amber was best friends with Willow and also closely involved with Dean,” revealed Maddy.

“When she enters the Bay she is faced with having to address some major decisions that were made in the past.”

Amber makes her feelings clear to Colby

It seems that history involved a huge falling out with her childhood family friend Colby…  because the first time she bumps into him, she lands him with a right hook (opens in new tab)!

“Amber is the little sister of Jai, another member of the River Boy crew,” explained Maddy.

Although Amber still has a soft spot for Dean, she blames Colby for a tragic accident.

“After Jai died in a fatal car crash that involved both Dean and Colby, she’s forced to face some hard truths regarding her brother’s death,” she revealed.

Can Amber find her place in Summer Bay?

In reality, Amber isn’t in the Bay just to rake over old wounds, she’s up for a job as John Palmer’s carer (opens in new tab). The famously difficult surf club boss needs additional help after suffering a major stroke.

Home and Away, John Palmer

Amber Simmons takes on a job caring for stroke victim John Palmer (Image credit: Channel 5)

John’s wife Marilyn Palmer has almost given up hope of finding anyone that can match up to John’s exacting standards, let alone deal with his rude outbursts!

Is Amber the one for the job?

“Amber is a strong, sassy and independent River Girl, who by nature, can be a little reckless sometimes, but underneath her tough exterior, she has a heart of gold,” revealed Maddy.

“Amber’s nature and John’s initial resistance to being cared for makes the relationship between them a little tricky at the beginning.

“But John needs tough love and he respects her for her ability to give it. You can’t scare her off easily. John definitely has his work cut out for him!”

Maddy reveals her ‘prison’ past!

If Maddy looks familiar, you might know her from Channel 5’s Aussie jail drama Wentworth Prison.

“I played the prison nurse Lee Radcliffe or, as the inmates kindly referred to her, ‘Nurse Ratshit’!” shared Maddy.

After filming three series of Wentworth Prison, Maddy, who is also a musician, left the show in 2018.

She joined the Summer Bay cast just before lockdown temporarily stopped filming.

“When we came back on set, it was just such a relief to be working again,” she commented.

“I feel so lucky to be on Home and Away.

"I’m working with such a great group of talented people who work insanely hard.

“Everyone has been so warm and welcoming. It’s been a really fun experience so far.”

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