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Home and Away star Ray Meagher on Alf and Martha marriage shock

Ray Meagher and Belinda Giblin as Alf Stewart and Martha Stewart in Home and Away
EP 7494 Martha (B_GIBLIN) wants to go back to Merimbula_ Alf (R_MEAGHER) tries to stop her HAA 0635_jpg_LargeImage_m15478

Home and Away actor Ray Meagher reveals why the Stewart family household is all set to be torn apart in a new devastating twist!

Home and Away legend Ray Meagher has revealed to that the Stewart family’s recent crisis over Martha’s son Kieran Baldvis is far from over...

Dangerous alcoholic Kieran (Rick Donald) does a runner this week on screen after revealing his true colours to stepdad Alf Stewart (Ray Meagher) and half-sister Roo Stewart (Georgie Parker).

Home and Away spoilers, Alf Stewart, Kieran Baldivis

Alf soon realised that Kieran was no good (Image credit: Channel 5)

But losing her longtime estranged son all over again is set to push Martha Stewart (Belinda Giblin) to the edge. 

Secrets and lies!

Martha only remarried Alf last year but could her heartache damage their relationship irreparably?

Alf marries Martha (Belinda Giblin) in Home and Away

Alf and Martha had their perfect wedding in 2020 (Image credit: Ewan Donnachie)

“For a while after their marriage things were terrific,” insisted Ray.

“Then things got a bit bumpy!”

Ray isn’t kidding! When Kieran turned up out of the blue it was a complete shock, as Martha had kept his existence a total secret. 

She was forced to reveal he was the product of a relationship she’d had during her years hidden away in Merimbula, after everyone thought she had drowned.

“Alf was initially very hurt that Martha didn’t tell him about Kieran. It took quite a while for her to admit that Kieran has a drink problem and was violent," shared Ray.

“But Alf could see why she was hoping to let sleeping dogs lie, as he’d been out of her life for some time.”

Martha unravels in Home and Away

Despite initially reeling in the family and playing on their sympathies, it isn’t long before Kieran snaps, threatening Roo and attacking Alf. Despite everything, Martha is devastated when Kieran flees the bay.

“The mother-son bond is very strong and he’s an excellent conman, is Kieran,” Ray explained.

“He’d convinced her that he was a changed man and really wanted to make amends.

“After Kieran leaves, Martha gives Alf an ultimatum and says if you can’t accept Kieran in our lives I’ll go back to Merimbula.”

Home and Away spoilers, Martha Stewart

Martha is losing the plot with Kieran gone! (Image credit: Channel 5)

Martha packs a bag to leave for her old home. Then things take a dramatic twist when Martha goes missing and is found by Irene Roberts (Lynne McGranger), raving about being kept ‘prisoner’ by Roo and Alf. 

Given her previous mental health problems due to the brain injury she suffered, it seems things are really serious this time.

Will Alf be able to get through to his wife?

Happier times

The Stewart household may be in uproar, but Ray says he’s been loving his recent times in Summer Bay House with his on-screen family - Belinda Giblin, Georgie Parker and Lukas Radovich, who plays grandson Ryder Jackson.

Stewart family dinner in Home and Away

Summer Bay House is getting pretty crowded!

“It’s a pretty good place to be at the moment, that house!” he laughed.

“And now Marilyn (Emily Symons) is living there, too. Alf has treated her as a daughter for a number of years. Now she’s back in the house, it’s all good.

“It is like a tardis! Another room springs up here and another springs up there!”

Health scare

Ray is a much-loved character on Home and Away and has had some huge storylines since taking the role of Summer Bay stalwart Alf Stewart in 1988.

The last few years have been no exception and he's had a pretty busy time of it on screen - despite having had life-saving heart surgery only two years ago. But Ray reassured us that he’s now fit as a fiddle!

“It’s all been good. At one stage I had to have a stent [a treatment for a blocked artery] put in but that was after the heart surgery and triple bypass, so it was like having a mild cold by comparison.

“I can race you over a hundred yards anytime!”

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