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Home and Away star Shane Withington reveals John will ‘devastate’ Marilyn

Home and Away spoilers, John Palmer, Susie McAllister
(Image credit: Channel 5)

Home and Away actor Shane Withington talks tragic John romance scam, moving on from one of Summer Bay’s longest romances, and enjoying playing the ‘cranky’ Surf Club boss.

Home and Away actor Shane Withington has revealed that conwoman Susie McAllister is set to take drastic action to make sure she keeps a besotted John under her spell.

Talking to about the latest development in Susie’s plan to swindle John, Shane explained that John’s caring ex Marilyn Chambers (Emily Symons) will be left brokenhearted.

Feeling lonely

After splitting up with a shocked Marilyn last year following a stroke that left him needing care, John was feeling very alone. 

Home and Away, Marilyn Chambers

John thought his luck had changed when Marilyn matched him on an app! (Image credit: Channel 5)

But with his recovery going well it almost looked like they were destined to be reunited when Marilyn - accidentally - ‘swiped right’ on John’s profile on dating app Silver Dreams!

“He got his hopes up,” commented Shane. “When Marilyn said she didn’t mean to ‘like’ him he tried to cover it up but he wandered off in a bit of a state.”

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Easy target

Enter flirty estate agent Susie, who seemingly took a shine to him. But he didn’t question why she found him so instantly fascinating...

“John being the egotistical, puffed up guy that he is, he was torn between not believing that he could attract someone so much younger and so beautiful and being quite up himself about the fact,” laughed Shane.

“Like so many men of his age who have gone through a split, he is desperately lonely. 

“She plays him like a fiddle and he needs her so much in his life he’s prepared to believe anything.”

Susie targets Marilyn!

Home and Away spoilers, Susie McAllister, John Palmer

Sneaky Susies sinister plot leaves Marilyn heartbroken! (Image credit: Channel 5)

As well as convincing John to let her move in, Susie is driving a wedge between him and his friends. Then viewers saw her secretly rifling through his financial files.

Now, she’s making sure Marilyn keeps her interfering nose out by dividing the former couple forever... With a divorce!

“John is isolated by Alf, who is really angry with him and Marilyn is devastated,” Shane revealed.

“At this stage John is willing to do anything for Susie. 

“She delivers the divorce papers to Marilyn. I’m not sure that he was thinking Susie would deliver the papers but she says ‘I’ll handle it’. John is being played like a fish.”

End of an era for John and Marilyn

Home and Away, Marilyn Chambers, John Palmer

John and Marilyn had a good marriage for many years on Home and Away (Image credit: Channel 5)

Shane confessed that he misses John and Marilyn’s dynamic. Up until last year the Palmers had a surprisingly long marriage for Summer Bay.

“It’s a shame that they tore us apart and separated the characters,” shared Shane.

“But it’s the genre of the show that characters get together, stay together for a while and then part.

“You can’t deny John and Marilyn were a very successful couple. They were funny and a good balance.

“But we’re moving on to new horizons and new directions, so that’s good for both of us.”

As the storyline progresses, Shane teased that viewers will see a more vulnerable side to the famously pig-headed John.

He also hinted that the repercussions will last a long time.

“John means well, that’s the thing. He really wants to do good but he’s encumbered by his failings,” commented Shane.

“I like the fact that he’s not a perfect character. I like the fact that he’s loud and he says the wrong thing at the wrong time.

“He’s cranky… I think that’s a bit like me! I get to play out my failings in public and I quite like that!”

It’s clear that grifter Susie is playing a long game and doesn’t just have John’s assets in her sights, which could mean more than one victim…

Working for the community

Outside of Summer Bay, Shane is passionate about local heritage. He’s helped save several sites in the Sydney area, including Currawong Beach, which is just across the bay from Palm Beach where Home and Away is filmed.

“I won an enormous campaign and it became a state park. All the buildings have been conserved rather than building mansions all over it,” he revealed.

“I do a lot of community work. I love it - I love giving back.”

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