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HORROR as THIS Neighbours favourite is confronted with their worst nightmare

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(Image credit: Kris Dollman)

Jane Harris comes face-to-face with the man who stole her life savings today...

Today's Neighbours sees Jane Harris finally get closure on her catfish experience that saw her life savings stolen by a man she fell in love with over the internet.

When Jane first returned to Ramsay Street earlier this year, she was madly in love with a man called Richard who she had met online.

Neighbours, Jane Harris, Paul Robinson

Jane has been trying to work out who her catfish is for weeks (Picture: Channel 5) (Image credit: Channel 5)

But what she didn't realise it that Richard wasn't all that he seemed, and instead of being the love of her life, he was actually a fake who was targeting Jane for her money.

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Once he had cleaned out her bank account, Jane realised that she had been duped, and felt foolish... but once Paul Robinson started to do some digging, Richard's true identity was revealed.

Paul's private investigator discovered that Jane's online love interest was actually Mannix, who was part of the Renshaw gang, and it didn't take Paul long to realise that Jane was targeted because of him.

Neighbours, Paul Robinson, Mannix Foster

Paul discovered nemesis Mannix is 'Richard' (Picture: Channel 5)

Neighbours fans know that Paul has confronted Mannix and demanded the money back, and Paul wrote a letter to Jane to supposedly give her closure.

However the letter seems to have reignited Jane's feelings for her online lover, which is the opposite of what Paul planned.

As Jane obsesses over the letter in today's Neighbours, Paul realises he is going to have to come clean and admit that he was the one who wrote it... but Jane isn't going to like the truth.

Jane is horrified what Paul wrote the letter but she understands that his heart was in the right place... but when she demands that she Paul sets up a meeting with Mannix, he is speechless.

Neighbours, Paul Robinson, Jane Harris

Paul confesses that he is the one who wrote Richard's letter today (Picture: Channel 5) (Image credit: Channel 5)

Despite Paul being adamant that it's not a good idea, Paul agrees and watches from afar as Jane confronts the man who has broken her heart.

While Mannix tries to dupe her once again, Jane doesn't fall for his games this time and gets the closer she needs as she tells him where to go.

So with Paul and Jane still on good terms, and Jane finally putting 'Richard' behind her, will she manage to move forward and find the love that she deserves with someone else?

Neighbours airs weekdays at 1.45pm and 5.30pm on Channel 5