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Horror confession set to destroy the lives of THESE Neighbours favourites?

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There's drama in today's Neighbours as a shocking confession rocks the lives of multiple Ramsay Street residents...

Just when it seemed that Neighbours' Finn Kelly was a reformed character, it looks like his memory could be coming back - endangering the lives of half of Ramsay Street.

Today's trip to Ramsay Street sees Finn finally confess to doctor David Tanaka that his memory could be returning. But his shocking admission doesn't just mean he could be facing going to jail, it will also see Aaron and David's marriage reach breaking point, and not to mention the danger the Kennedys would be in.

Neighbours fans have watched Finn emerge from his coma with no memory of the heinous crimes he committed over recent years, leading him to believe he is still a 19-year-old boy, not a fully grown man who should be spending the rest of his life in jail.

Neighbours, Finn Kelly, Susan Kennedy

Finn woke from his coma with no recollection of who Susan was... (Credit: Channel 5)

But it seems that while Ramsay Street residents have slowly started to thaw towards the man who created so much terror in Erinsborough, Finn has been struggling with the secret that he recognised Harry Sinclair, the man who has framed him for a recent spate of crimes.

Harry and Finn worked together at a school in Sydney a few years ago, and with Finn having no recollection of his recent past, he shouldn't be able to remember who his former colleague is... but he does.

As Finn attends his usual appointment with David today at the hospital, he confesses his memory of Harry and David reveals it is his responsibly to report it, leaving Finn worried he is about to go back to jail.

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Will Aaron's snooping lead to Finn's secret being exposed? (Credit: Channel 5)

But when Aaron goes to see David at work and snoops in Finn's file when David isn't looking, he unearths the secret and doesn't waste any time going to Mark with the discovery. But what will his shady behaviour mean for his marriage to David if he finds out?

Mark is already suspicious of Finn because he has lied about where he was on the morning of the recent gas attack on the community centre. Little does Mark know, Finn is lying to protect Elly's lie that Mark isn't the father of her unborn baby.

But with Aaron's snooping threading to inadvertently expose both Finn and Elly's lies, how much longer can the pair continue to live shrouded in secrecy?

Neighbours airs weekdays at 1.45pm and 5.30pm on Channel 5

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