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HORROR in Emmerdale when a child VANISHES into thin air


Paddy makes a mistake that will haunt him forever...

There is drama heading to Emmerdale next week when little baby Eve goes missing after Paddy accidentally leaves her abandoned in a car park.

Poor Paddy makes his huge parenting error when he is looking after best friend Marlon Dingle following his traumatic few weeks.

Paddy is worried Marlon is having a heart attack in Emmerdale

Paddy is worried about Marlon next week (Picture: ITV)

Emmerdale fans will know that Marlon was sent to prison for Graham Foster's murder, despite the fact the real killer, Pierce Harris, was walking free and stalking the village.

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Thankfully for Marlon, the truth about Pierce was revealed and he was released from jail.

But, his troubles were only just beginning after finding out half the village had been sitting on evidence that could have set him free a lot sooner.

Paddy takes Marlon to hospital leaving Eve in the car in Emmerdale

Paddy takes Marlon to the hospital (Picture: ITV)

Next week sees everyone worrying about Marlon, and when he sees two uniformed police officers at his front door, he is consumed with panic and everyone is left worrying about his state of mind.

Paddy decides to take his friend for a drive, along with baby Eve, in a bid to get him out of the village.

Paddy takes Marlon to hospital leaving Eve in the car in Emmerdale

Paddy forgets that Eve is in the car, and she is left abandoned (Picture: ITV)

But as they drive, Paddy is worried when Marlon starts to get a pain in his arm that gets progressively worse.

Convinced that Marlon is having a heart attack, Paddy rushes him to the closest hospital, but as they're met at the door by paramedics, Paddy is so worried about his friend that he totally forgets that he has got Eve in the back of there car and follows Marlon into the hospital.

Paddy is wracked with guilt about leaving Eve

Paddy is haunted by his mistake... will Eve be okay? (Picture: ITV)

When Paddy realises with horror that he has left his daughter alone in the car, he races out to find her, but his world falls apart when he finds the car is empty.

Who has snatched Eve?

And how will Chas cope when Paddy reveals what has happened?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.