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HUGE blast from the past heading to THIS Home and Away legend

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There's shock for Alf Stewart in next week's Home and Away when his former wife, Martha, makes a surprise return to Summer Bay...

There's a familiar face heading back to Summer Bay next week as Alf Stewart's first wife, Martha Stewart makes a shock return once again.

Home and away fans will remember that only last year Martha returned to Summer Bay, having come back from the 'dead' after faking her own death and running out on her family 30 years previously.

But while Alf wasn't that impressed to see his former wife last time that she returned, it looks like things could be a little different this time.

Next week's Home and Away is packed with drama as Colby Thorne and Chelsea Campbell tie the knot, only for Willow Harris to be shot by Ross Nixon in the aftermath of the wedding.

But as Willow fights for her life in hospital, Alf is reminded that life is short and finds himself in a pensive mood.

After looking through a photo album, it seems that Alf might be missing his former wife and picks up the phone to call Martha.

But when Leah and Ryder come home from their night out, he is interrupted and hurriedly hangs up on Martha before they can finish their conversation.

Home and Away, Martha Stewart, Alf Stewart, Marilyn Chambers, John Palmer

Surprise! Martha comes to see Alf after his surprise phone call

The next morning Alf wonders if he made the right choice contacting Martha, but before he has too long to think about it, she turns up to see him.

Worried about Alf after his surprise phone call, Martha explains why she is in Summer Bay, but Alf is annoyed with himself for being sentimental and tells her she's wasting her time coming to see him.

But as he tells her to go home, an argument erupts between the former husband and wife, with Alf eventually blurting out that he called Martha because he missed her.

Home and Away, Alf Stewart, Martha Stewart

Alf is reunited with long-lost wife Martha, but is this the start of something between them?

She is secretly pleased that frosty Alf is finally starting to thaw... but could this be the start of something between Martha and the Summer Bay legend?

Perhaps this spontaneous phone call from Alf could end up changing his life entirely...

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