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Hugh Dennis: ‘Outnumbered may be back for more!’

Hugh Dennis
(Image credit: BBC/Hat Trick/Colin Hutton)

Hugh Dennis on his hopes for the return of hit family sitcom Outnumbered

After more than two years away from our screens, the Christmas episode of BBC1’s award-winning comedy Outnumbered was one of the highlights of the festive schedule. Now Hugh Dennis, who plays long-suffering dad Pete Brockman, tells TV Times that, thankfully, it might not be the last we’ve seen of the accident-prone family.

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(Image credit: BBC/Hat Trick/Colin Hutton)

"Hopefully there will be more Outnumbered in some form at some point. I really would like to do more, it’s a lovely thing to do and it does feel like going home," says Hugh, 55, who travelled across Kenya and Uganda to deliver life-saving supplies to Comic Relief projects for The Red Nose Convoy, which airs on BBC1 tonight at 9pm.

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Just like the viewers though, Hugh admits that he still can’t quite believe how much the Brockman kids - Jake (Tyger Drew-Honey), Ben (Daniel Roche) and Karen (Ramona Marquez) - have grown.

"It doesn’t seem to matter how long it has been since the last series, you walk into the room and go, 'Oh look, it’s my children'," he says. "I don’t really recognise them though! I still have to get used to the height and size they are now and I think, 'Well I won’t be lifting you up!'"

The Red Nose Convoy airs tonight on BBC1 at 9pm