'I Am Victoria' viewers praise Suranne Jones' 'staggering' performance

Suranne Jones in I Am Victoria.
Suranne Jones plays Victoria in the Channel 4 anthology series. (Image credit: Channel 4)

I Am Victoria, the latest story in Channel 4's thought-provoking anthology series, I Am... aired last night (5 August), and viewers were quick to share their feelings about the show's return.

Each female-led story in the anthology sees a leading British actor exploring the personal struggles that many women face in life. The first episode of Series 2, I Am Victoria, sees Suranne Jones playing Victoria, a woman who seemingly has it all. 

Victoria has a great job, beautiful home, loving family, and yet we meet her on the edge of a breakdown as the amount of effort that her lifestyle requires has finally taken its toll. 

Although her loving husband Chris (played by Ashley Walters) urges Victoria to seek help, she tries to push her anxiety down until it finally bubbles over after Victoria throws a flawless dinner party to show off her new extension to the couple's best friends.

When we spoke to her, we asked what made Suranne Jones want to portray Victoria. She said: "I wanted to push myself out of my comfort zone. I wanted to see what this would bring out. We all know that mental health can come from huge trauma, but I read a quote which said, 'mental health isn’t a novel, it doesn’t need to be about anything' and that has stuck with me. 

"We wanted it to feel like mental health can happen to anybody at any time."

After the episode aired last night, viewers took to social media to praise Suranne Jones for her amazing performance as a woman whose life slowly unravels despite all the effort she is putting in to seem like she is coping with the pressures of everyday life.

I Am... continues next Thursday at 9 pm on C4 with I Am Danielle starring Black Panther actress Letitia Wright. Letitia plays career-focused photographer Danielle, who discovers a dark secret about a male model after she has fallen head over heels in love with him.

You can also stream both seasons of Dominic Savage's I Am... anthology on All4 if you don't want to wait for them to be broadcast!

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