'I Can See Your Voice' fans loved the duet from the season premiere

Ken Jeong ready to host 'I Can See Your Voice' season 1
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I Can See Your Voice season 2 is officially underway, and it seems that viewers loved seeing Jewel take part in the duet in the final round this week!

The season premiere saw Millicent from San Jose, California trying her best to sort the good from the bad singers, all with the hopes of taking home a huge $100,000 cash prize. 

She wanted to win the money to help her parents retire and pay off her own education, so the celebrity panel (Jewel, Bow Wow, Cheyenne Jackson, and regular panelists Cheryl Hines and Adrienne Houghton) wanted to make sure she went home with all the money.

The six hidden voices for this week were Carpenter, Banker, Stepper, Water Polo Player, Mail Lady, and Wrestling Announcer, and Millicent would be able to earn $15,000 for every bad singer that she correctly identified.

Millicent only managed to correctly identify one bad singer as she made her way through the show. However, rather than walk away with the $15,000 she'd earned, she decided to risk everything and see whether Wrestling Announcer was a good singer in a duet with Jewel.

Jewel got set up on stage to perform her hit song, Standing Still, but found the situation so tense she couldn't even manage to sing all of her own part of the song. Thankfully, Wrestling Announcer then joined in thrilling everyone in the studio audience and at home as she quickly proved how talented she was.

Ken Jeong tweeted his thanks to Jewel for a performance, but it wasn't just the host who loved the song. Lots of I Can See Your Voice fans took to Twitter to share how much they'd enjoyed the duet after it aired.

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Even the Wrestling Announcer (who goes by Kid Cadet online) reached out to share how thrilled she was to get to share the stage with such a successful musician.

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As Jewel's duet with the Wrestling Announcer proved that she was a good singer, Millicent's instincts were proven right and she went home with the $100,000 grand prize!

Next time, Jason Mraz, Joel McHale, and Lil Rey Howery will be joining Ken Jeong, Cheryl Hines, and Adrienne Houghton as they attempt to help another contestant win the money. Will next week's duet be as impressive?

I Can See Your Voice season 2 will be back for even more thrills next Wednesday at 8 pm EST on FOX. 

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