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Is THIS Coronation Street legend set to be murdered next week?

There's trouble looming for one Coronation Street resident next week as their future is thrown into jeopardy...

It seems Tim and Sophie's attempts to free innocent Sally from prison are set to become a race against time next week when bully Marcia attacks Sally with a knife in jail...

With her wing woman and fellow cobbles resident, Abi, now out of jail, Sally is a sitting duck when it comes to her troublemaking fellow inmates.

But next week is set to see Sally facing her darkest times in jail yet when Marcia turns on her and uses a knife in their argument.

Sally swiftly steps in and drags Abi away

Until recently sally had Abi to protect her in prison

Fans of the soap will know that Marcia took a dislike to Sally when she stepped in and stopped her dealing drugs to former addict Abi at the end of last year.

Ever since then, Marcia has had it in for the former mayor and, with Abi now out of the equation, it seems it's only a matter of time before Sally is taught a terrifying lesson.

Later this week we will see Sally beaten up when Marcia is moved in as her new cellmate... but just when she thought that was the worst of her troubles, things take a dark turn for Sal next week.

Marcia warns Sally that Abi won’t always be around to protect her.

Marcia has never liked Sally

With Marcia wrongly believing that Sally is the once who dobbed her in to prison officials about dealing drugs, poor Sal is at the top of the dealer's hit list. And next week she pulls a knife out before lunching at Sally - but will she actually go through with stabbing her cellmate?

Meanwhile, Tim is racing to get Sally out of prison after Gina worked out that Duncan's wife May is still alive and kicking.

Sophie is stunned to come face-to-face with the wife that dodgy Duncan claimed was dead during a visit to see him in hospital.

Coronation Street spoilers: Tim Metcalfe blackmails Duncan

Sophie's stunned to come face-to-face with May - Duncan's 'dead' wife in Coronation Street

At the end of this week Tim and Duncan end up having a heated discussion, which ends with Duncan getting run over by a car and having to be rushed to hospital - and that's where Sophie finds May and pretends to be a neighbour in an attempt to befriend her.

But with Sophie now having concrete proof that May isn't dead, could she be the bargaining chip that they need to get Sally out of prison before Marcia does something awful?

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