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It's a two for one ticket in the 'Infinity Train' first trailer for fourth and final season

Infinity Train Book 4.
(Image credit: HBO Max)

The first trailer for the upcoming fourth season of Infinity Train comes with some sad news. An exclusive from EW (opens in new tab)revealed this would be the last ride for the animated series and its fans. The news may not come as a surprise thanks to rumors of cancellation that began last year after creator Owen Dennis tweeted about most of the show’s creatives moving on to other projects. The tweet has since been deleted.

WarnerMedia made an official announcement about renewing Infinity Train for a fourth season just last month. Unfortunately, it will be the final installment. Book 4 will premiere next month, April 15.  

Check out the trailer below:

In an official press released, Dennis shared the following:

"I'm so thankful to the crew of Infinity Train for helping make it what it became and to the fans for their incredible support over the years...While Book 4 is the end of the line, I'll always be grateful and never forget that this series has meant so much to so many people."

Each season of the Cartoon Network Studios produced Infinity Train centers on a different storyline and set of characters as they interact with a neverending train, or so they think. The train is comprised of individual cars that contain bizarre environments. In them, the passengers must work through while also dealing with their own trauma and issues. Infinity Train initially premiered on Cartoon Network in 2019 and arrived on HBO Max for its third season in August 2020.

The trailer shows that Book 4 will be a little different from previous storylines. Instead of one person entering the train, two old friends boarded the Infinity Train simultaneously. Along with sharing dreams of becoming rock stars, they also share the same number. That’s never happened before. In the trailer, the pair set out to explore the train’s inner puzzles and that of their own relationship, all in hopes of returning home together.