'Infinity Train' gets a huge announcement, along with other titles from Warner Media

Infinity Train book four.
(Image credit: HBO Max)

The Inifinity Train series went from Cartoon Network to HBO Max, and good thing because it’s getting a fourth season. Warner Media made the  announcement about the upcoming book four as well as other upcoming titles for Cartoon Network and HBO Max. 

Infinity Train made its debut on Cartoon Network back in August 2019. The second and third seasons soon followed in January and August 2020 respectively. There was a brief scare for fans of the series due to whispers about a possible cancellation, but crisis averted! The show is officially back for a fourth season. So, get those boarding passes back out and ready for another ride. 

The other titles mentioned by Warner Media include some new Ben 10 specials - one will follow a grown Ben meeting up with his past self, another will be a cross-over with Generator Rex, and the third will involve some dimension hopping. The Amazing World of Gumball is getting a movie, and a spin-off for Teen Titan Go! is currently in the works. 

Craig of the Creek, Victor, and Total Drama Island are all getting new seasons. Even the animated Gremlins prequel has been awarded a second season even though the first season has yet to air yet. Gremlins is said to be set in 1920s Shanghai. We don’t know much more but gremlins are involved so there are bound to be shenanigans afoot. 

Warner Media also announced new shows, including Jade Armor, a show about a martial-arts loving teenager learning her family’s secrets; Family Mash-Up, a family comedy about acapella; Gross Girls, a comedy about two best friends surviving middle school; and  Tweety Mysteries, a hybrid live-action and animated show about Tweety Bird and an investigative podcaster.