How to watch Infinity Train: Book Three

Infinity Train

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Book Three of Infinity Train will be released this summer, but not to Cartoon Network. Much like Adventure Time: Distant Lands and season two of Summer Camp Island, the next season of Infinity Train will premiere exclusively on HBO Max. You can watch the first two seasons on this streaming service now as well.

What is Infinity Train anyway?

Based on a wildly popular pilot released through Cartoon Network's YouTube in 2016, Infinity Train's first season didn't premiere for another three years. In August, 2019, Book One: The Perennial Child was released over a single week and met with glowing praise from critics and audiences alike. Book Two: Cracked Reflection was released in a similar fashion in January, 2020 and met with equally positive reception. Now, today July 6, 2020, Cartoon Network announced the Third Book will premiere this summer, exclusively on HBO Max and the previous two seasons are now available to stream on HBO Max as well.

Book One: The Perennial Child

Infinity Train Book One

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The first season of Infinity Train followed Tulip, a thirteen year old girl whose trip to a game design camp gets canceled when a miscommunication between her recently divorced parents leaves no one free to take her to the train. Deciding to take herself, Tulip ends up taking the wrong train entirely, leading to her journey on the Infinity Train. Over the course of the first book, Tulip makes new friends and enemies, all while being forced to solve both the mysteries of the Infinity Train and her own inability to move past the divorce of her parents.

The Train Documentaries

A series of shorts that aired between Book One and Book Two, The Train Documentaries follows One-One through several of the Infinity Train's cars. These shorts are largely unconncted to the main series storylines and only aired between other shows. They are not available on HBO Max, but can still be viewed on Cartoon Network's YouTube Channel .

Book Two: Cracked Reflection

Infinity Train Book Two

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The second season of Infinity Train followed Lake (formerly known as MT), the Chrome Car reflection of season one's protagonist. Lake befriended Jesse, another human stuck on the Train and Alan Dracula, a deer-like creature created by the train. As Lake tried to evade the Mirror Police, she and Jesse teamed up with the goal of escaping the train together. Having to face off against a pair of Mirror Agents and the Apex, a tribe of anarchist kids who believe the Infinity Train is theirs to do with as they please, Lake and Jesse's adventures covered themes of identity, friendship, and peer pressure.

Book Three

Infinity Train Book Three

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Although much of Book Three remains a mystery, this season will focus on Grace and Simon, the leaders of the Apex, and a new passenger, Hazel. Hazel is an optimistic young girl who is accompanied by a gentle gorilla named Tuba. Grace and Simon first meet Hazel when they are separated from the rest of the Apex, and though they are sure to try to recruit Hazel into their group, her innocence may prove more compelling than their previous encounters with Jesse and Lake. Will their many years on the Infinity Train finally come to an end? You'll have to wait and see, but if you absolutely need more details right now, HBO Max and Cartoon Network hosted a panel at Comic-Con@Home 2020!

Infinity Train: Book Three is here... sort of.

The Apex setting fire to the Musical Car

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The first half of Infinity Train: Book Three  —  Cult of the Conductor went live on August 13, 2020. The second half will be available on August 20, but the first hour of this season really packed a punch! We got a closer look into the Apex, how Grace and Simon operate, and hints of their pasts. We also met Hazel, a new passenger on the Train whose number has gone dark, and her denizen friend, Tuba. Once separated from the rest of the Apex, Grace and Simon try to recruit Hazel, but separating her from Tuba proves to be a bigger challenge than the two are prepared for.