ITV announces new six-part murder mystery, Loch Ness

laura Fraser in Loch Ness
(Image credit: Peter Jolly/REX/Shutterstock)

The monster mythology of Loch Ness is the background for a new serial killer thriller series just announced by ITV

ITV has announced a new murder mystery series, Loch Ness, only the monster at the heart of it is human rather than a mythical creature.

The six-part series has an all-star cast, including Breaking Bad’s Laura Fraser (pictured on set), Downton Abbey’s Siobhan Finneran and Upstart Crow’s John Sessions, as well as former soap stars such as EastEnders and Holby City star Don Gilet and Coronation Street’s Gray O'Brien.

In a village nestled on the eerie shores of Scotland’s most iconic loch, comes a story of local detective Annie Cathro’s first murder case, a hunt for a serial killer. It begins with the body of a local man found at the foot of Carn Mohr Mountain. The discovery of an isolated human heart on the loch shore follows. The day to day happenings of a quiet village is thrown into turmoil and so begins a chilling hunt for the person responsible.

Executive Producer Tim Haines said: “Serial killers are monsters that lie beneath the surface of normal happy communities. Where better to hunt for one than in a place that has thrived off its own monster myth for centuries – Loch Ness.”

The ordinary people living in this isolated setting among the wild and rugged highlands of Scotland are faced with the daunting prospect that a murderer lurks amongst them. The investigation takes a toll on Annie’s family life, creating cracks and tensions. Everyone in the village is a suspect, mistrust runs rife and no one is safe.

The murdering has begun, the fear has started to spread, everyone is left wondering who will be next?

The six-part show has been written by Stephen Brady (Fortitude, Vera, Silent Witness) and has started filming. No confirmation of a broadcast date yet.