ITV 'axes' You've Been Framed after 33 years

You've Been Framed presenter Harry Hill on stage during the Prostate Cancer UK Royal Albert Hall concert in June 2022
Harry Hill served as the most recent You've Been Framed presenter, voicing the series since 2004. (Image credit: Joe Maher/Getty Images)

The long-running home video series You've Been Framed has reportedly been cancelled after 33 years on the air.

According to a report by The Sun, ITV has swung the axe at the series famed for airing home video clips long before the days of viral videos social media sites like TikTok, YouTube and Facebook. 

The series first hit UK TV screens back in 1990 with TV presenter Jeremy Beadle in the driving seat, and it has been showcasing all manner of chaotic and cringeworthy clips from everyday life ever since; at its peak, You've Been Framed is thought to have brought in as many as 15 million viewers.

Their source said: "The fact that You've Been Framed has been shelved is a sad sign of the times.

"It's a different world to Jeremy Beadle's heyday. Why would viewers tune in to a show featuring funny videos when they could see the same sort of thing on the internet? 

"Silly clips are hugely popular on social media and the right video can go viral. There's a thrill in achieving that — even though you don't earn the £250 fee which You've Been Framed paid for contributions", the insider added.

It has been noted that ITV has also removed the section of its website that advised viewers on the ways they could send in their hilarious home footage in exchange for the small reward of £250 if their clips ended up being aired as part of the show.

The series showcased all manner of mishaps from the British public and was based on the Japanese series, Fun TV with Kato-chan and Ken-chan from 1986 which also inspired America's Funniest Home Videos in 1989.

Most recently, You've Been Framed was hosted by Harry Hill. He took over responsibility for the series in 2004 and has lent his voice to 341 of the 701 episodes that have aired over the 16 years he's been at the helm. Unlike his predecessors, Hill did not appear in the show; we only heard his observations layered over the clips.

Aside from Jeremy Beadle and Harry Hill, the series also featured Emmerdale actress Lisa Riley and musical actor, Jonathan Wilkes as hosts. Lisa Riley took over from Jeremy Beadle in 1998 and stayed on until 2003 when she was replaced by Jonathan Wilkes.

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