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John Barrowman on Dancing on Ice final: 'The winner will have to be jaw-dropping!'

Dancing on Ice 2020 John Barrowman
(Image credit: ITV)

Ice panellist John Barrowman has BIG expectations for this weekend's Dancing on Ice grand final…

After weeks of spectacular spins, ambitious lifts and some nail-biting headbangers, we're now down to just three celebrities - Diversity's Perri Kiely, Paralympian Libby Clegg and ex-EastEnders star Joe Swash - who'll be lacing up their skates one last time on Sunday night for the grand final of Dancing on Ice 2020.

After all our stars have performed once more, viewers will get to vote for the two famous faces they’d like to see skate The Bolero, the Olympic gold medal-winning routine made famous by ice-dancing legends – and resident ice panellists – Torvill & Dean.

Here, ice-panellist John Barrowman, 52, tells us what he's most looking forward to in the Dancing on Ice final…

What's the dynamic been like on the ice panel with Ashley Banjo and ice-dancing legends Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean?

"With all four of us together, I think it’s brought a new energy to the whole show and it’s created a bit of a different atmosphere. I think my joining has allowed people to feel more free because no one’s afraid to say anything. Our scoring has been pretty consistent and when we disagree, we disagree – but we all really get along."


Diversity dancer Perri has been wowing us with his skills on the ice...

How would you rate the standard of the performances this series?

"The skating this series has been incredible. Who knew that someone like Perri Kiely from Diversity was just going to skyrocket after the very first show? Also, magician Ben Hanlin, who was OK at the beginning, but was then pretty much right up there with Perri with his skating and tricks. Joe Swash surprised us every week and let’s not forget Libby Clegg. Chris and Jayne loved her lines, loved her power and we must remember she’s blind!"


John has been blown away by what Paralympian Libby has achieved in the competition...

What have been your most memorable moments?

"One of the funniest things was Ben doing Morris dancing on the ice. That poor guy. No disrespect to Morris dancers but, if that were me, I would have put up a fight and said: ‘No way!’ Also, H and Matt’s first skate was very emotional because it was something we’d never seen on TV before. Dancing on Ice took the leap in having a same-sex partnership and I'm sure, with every series from now on, they’ll want to represent the people at home watching. It was amazing."

So, what are your expectations for the final?

"I want all the skaters to just go out there and be fearless. I want them to execute everything they've learned and show us content, personality, characterisation and musicality. We also want them to surprise us. We'll give our opinions on the performances but, ultimately, it's the viewers who’ll make the decision. The winner is gonna have to do something jaw-dropping!"

Joe Swash Dancing on Ice

Cheeky Joe has bought the fun factor to this series of Dancing on Ice...

You competed on Dancing on Ice in 2006. Have you missed not being out on the ice?

"I actually HAVE been back on the ice, skating with pro-skaters Hamish Gaman and Brendyn Hatfield. I've been practising my turns and spins and working on my edges. I’d forgotten how much I enjoyed it. Will you see me on the ice in the final? I’m saying nothing about that!"

Would you like to return as a judge next year?

"I've enjoyed doing this show immensely. I now consider myself to be part of the ITV family so, yeah, I'd love to be part of Dancing on Ice next year. If I wasn't asked, I think I’d be offended!"

Dancing on Ice: The Final airs on Sunday March 8 at 6pm on ITV.