Primary guest Jourdi kisses a crewmate in a very memorable Below Deck Down Under appearance

Culver Bradbury kisses Jourdi, Below Deck Down Under primary guest
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You didn't think just because Captain Jason Chambers fired a few people during Below Deck Down Under episode 14 that the drama was finally over, did you? This week's primary guest, a 30-year-old birthday girl named Jourdi, made sure to serve up just enough drunken shenanigans to keep things interesting. 

Ironically, Jourdi started off the charter proclaiming that she doesn't consume alcohol, warning: "When I'm drinking, I'm a little bit of a 'let loose b*tch.'" She threw that abstinence away very quickly during the penultimate charter of Below Deck Down Under season 1, downing alcohol throughout the trip and, yes, letting loose. 

After one dinner, Jourdi and her brother Teft decide to continue the evening in the yacht's hot tub — with both stripping down to their Calvins and taking a topless dip. "She's in her birthday suit!" deckhand Brittini Burton exclaims when coming across the soaking siblings. 

"Wait, Teft is her brother. What the f*ck?" Burton says in a confessional. "If I showed my brother my t*ts, my brother would f*cking freak out...this is f*cking insane."

The siblings are then seen FaceTiming their father — again, both half nude — and telling him, "We're on a boat, b*tch!"

"Hi, so they are both in the jacuzzi. She is topless, it's f*cking weird..." Brittini tells new stewardess Taylor Dennison, who replaced Magda Ziomek last episode. "Dude, I think this needs to be their last drink of the night. I don't want them to be doing something they'll regret."

Taylor is similarly perplexed by the siblings' behavior. "I just don't understand. Like topless with my 16-year-old brother, my parents would kill me!" she says in a talking head. 

Another one of Jourdi's drunken hijinks rankles Brittini: her flirting, and later kissing, deckhand Culver Bradbury, who Burton has been crushing on all charter season. 

Bradbury has a history of getting a bit too intimate with charter guests, joining several previous vacationers in the hot tub a few charters back. In this case, he and Jourdi exchange Instagram handles upon the charter's end and later they meet up on the crew's night out on the town, dancing intimately and then, yes, smooching at the bar, much to Brittini's chagrin. 

"I get it now...that's why we don't give her alcohol!" chief stew Aesha Scott says of Jourdi. 

"Culver is flirting with Jourdi. Maybe he's doing it to rebel, maybe he's doing it to feel more confident with the girls. Like, he's using it for something and that disappoints me, because it doesn't really add up to what I'm used to seeing from him," Brittini says in a confessional. 

"He's kissing Jourdi!" the crewmates proclaim as they watch on. "This is bad, this is bad," the primary says. But how bad will the repercussions of Jourdi and Culver's make-out be next week? Stay tuned!

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