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Kate Bishop, Hawkeye, and Lucky the Pizza Dog

Hawkeye and Lucky illustrated by David Aja.
Hawkeye and Lucky illustrated by David Aja. (Image credit: Marvel)

If you were on the internet yesterday, you know that we're getting dangerously close to some confirmed details on Marvel's Hawkeye series. We've known that it exists, we've known that Kate Bishop is going to be a part of it, and Hailee Steinfeld had long been rumored to play the part. However, some shaky leaked footage - which we won't be posting here because we're not that kind of site - confirms Steinfeld on set, in purple, and carrying around a bow. Girl's Kate Bishop, all that's left is for the big guns at Marvel and Disney+ to stop pretending we don't know. (Which has now happened.)

While this confirmation is exciting, it basically just affirms a bunch of stuff that we already knew or was highly likely to occur. But there's one little tidbit that we should be collectively squealing about: Lucky the Pizza Dog. 

Yes, that pup Steinfeld's running down the stairs with has a name. And he's a hero. And the best boy. And this is his story. 

The best boy. Illustrated by David Aja.

The best boy. Illustrated by David Aja. (Image credit: Marvel)

Lucky the Pizza Dog, pizza enthusiast, hero, and best boy, did not start off with the best life. When Clint Barton first met the pup, his name was Arrow, and he belonged to some pretty no-good characters. Ivan Banionis and his goons known as the "Tracksuit Mafia" were his first owners. When Clint Barton first met Arrow, he was kind to the pup. Because of that, Arrow defended Clint when the goons started to shoot, enabling Hawkeye to make it out unscathed and resulting in his own subsequent beating. After it was all said and done, the goons threw the beaten Arrow into traffic where he was quickly rescued by Hawkeye. 

The goodest boy survived, but he lost one of his peepers. (His left one, to be exact.)

After a long stint at the vet, Clint took Arrow home and quickly renamed him Lucky. Through his life Lucky has belonged to both Hawkeyes, following Kate to Los Angeles after Clint's woe-is-me routine became too much, and returning home to New York with her when the aforementioned dummy was threatened by the Tracksuit Mafia again. 

So, wait. Why is he called Pizza Dog?

I thought you'd never ask. Ready? Lucky is called Lucky the Pizza Dog because he enjoys eating pizza. Duh. 

No really, Hawkeye Vol 4 #11 is told entirely from Lucky's perspective. In his brain, his name is "Pizza Dog" because he loves pizza. That might seem a little weird to some, but those are the people who don't know that Lucky the Pizza Dog joined forces with Mewnir to literally save the world once. Suck it, Taskmaster.

Amelia Emberwing

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