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KIDNAP TERROR as THIS Emmerdale villain snatches an innocent child


Pierce Harris takes the next steps in his terrifying game plan...

Vanessa Woodfield's worst nightmare becomes a reality in next week's Emmerdale when her son is snatched in broad daylight.

Emmerdale fans have seen Vanessa inadvertently caught up in the drama surrounding Graham Foster's death as she tries to comfort best friend Rhona Goskirk as she fights to dig up clues about who killed her boyfriend.

Vanessa tries to confess to Rhona in Emmerdale

Vanessa has been trying to support best friend Rhona since Graham's death (Picture: ITV)

But not only is Vanessa trying to be there for Rhona, she is also caught up in the trouble that fiancee Charity and her son Ryan have brought to their door by stealing Graham's money on the day that he was killed.

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But while Vanessa vows to tell Rhona the truth about what Charity has been up to with Graham's cash, she soon has much bigger things to deal with when she comes face to face with Pierce lurking in the village.

While Emmerdale viewers know that Pierce is the one who killed Graham in cold blood last month, no one in the village is aware that he is back in the area, let alone putting a sickening plan to 'protect' ex Rhona into action.

Marlon arrested for Graham's murder in Emmerdale ITV

Pierce killed Graham in cold blood last month, but no one knows Pierce is back (Picture: ITV)

In Pierce's mind he is was protecting Rhona from making bad choices by killing Graham, and it seems Vanessa is next on the killer's hit list next week.

Fans know that there is no love lost between Vanessa and Pierce, making her the perfect person for him to bump off next.

Next week sees Vanessa looking for son Johnny's football in the garden behind the pub, only to come face to face with Pierce lurking.

Vanessa is blindsided in Emmerdale

Vanessa is horrified to come face to face with Pierce next week (Picture: ITV)

But before she can let anyone know that Rhona's dangerous ex is back, he has grabbed little Johnny and made a run for it.

Terrified Vanessa races after the pair desperate to get her son back, but Pierce is quick and the village vet starts to fear the worst.

Vanessa is blindsided in Emmerdale

Pierce kidnaps Johnny, and Vanessa races to save her son (Picture: ITV)

But where is Pierce is taking little Johnny? Is he planning to hurt Vanessa's son, or is this kidnapping just a trap to lure Vanessa into danger?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.