'Lie With Me': fans are hooked on Charlie Brooks' new drama

Lie With Me Episode 1
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Channel 5’s latest psychological thriller, Lie With Me started last night, and it seems fans are loving seeing Charlie Brooks back on TV!

Lie With Me is Channel 5’s latest drama. It stars legendary EastEnders star Charlie Brooks and former Neighbours star Brett Tucker as Anna and Jake Fallmont, a married couple trying to get their relationship back on track after Jake cheated on her, and viewers are excited to see where the series will go now that we know the truth!

Spoilers for episode one of Lie With Me below!

In last night’s episode, a murder is teased, before we cut to the Fallmont household, where there’s definitely still some problems the couple after their big move to Australia. Although things looked promising as Anna went off for her first day at work and their new nanny, Becky (Phoebe Roberts) seemed to click with the kids, it didn’t take long for the fights to start once again. 

Becky was nearly struck by a bottle of tablets that had been thrown through a window, and a heartbroken Anna began to suspect that Jake was cheating on her, this time with his personal assistant, Caroline! 

With the help of a taxi driver, Anna followed Jake during the day, and finally worked up the courage to confront him after confiding in Becky. Caroline denies having any interest in him, and Anna is left feeling confused and paranoid. Frustrated, Jake maintains that he has never cheated on Anna. She begs him to forgive her, and commits to believing in him from here on out.

Lie With Me Episode 1

Anna finally confronts Caroline to see whether Jake's being faithful to her. (Image credit: FremantleMedia / Jane Zhang)

Jake is obviously lying, though, as we saw him meeting Becky in the wine cellar of his own home for a passionate affair that same day, and we learned that he plans to secure full custody of their two kids from Anna to start a new life with Becky, who he flew over from London!

Even though some fans thought the major twist at the end of the first episode that revealed Jake was cheating on Anna with Becky was a little bit predictable, viewers took to Twitter to say that they enjoyed the show and can't wait to see what happens next!

Lie With Me continues tonight at 9pm on Channel 5, and will be available to stream on My5 if you need to catch up!  

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