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LIFE OR DEATH drama for THIS EastEnders newcomer just moments after their arrival

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Suki Panesar is heading for Walford, and she's about to make her presence known in next week's EastEnders...

There's drama heading for the Panesar family in next week's EastEnders when their mum, Suki Panesar, arrives in Walford.

While the Panesar brothers, Jags, Vinny and Kheerat, have been making themselves at home in Albert Square over the last few weeks, there is still a lot we don't know about Suki - the matriarch of the family.

Suki Panesar arrives on the square

Suki Panesar moves to Albert Square next week, and collapses shortly after her arrival (Picture: BBC)

However that's all set to change next week when she arrives to see her children... but while the boys might be happy to see their mum, the same can't be said for Ash.

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EastEnders fans will know that Ash has got a strained relationship with her mum, but it looks like she is going to struggle to keep her distance because as soon as Suki arrives in Walford, she heads over to see her daughter.

However, as Suki approaches Ash's house, Kheerat rushes over to stop their mum making any rash decisions, having worked hard to get closer to his estranged sister over the last few weeks.

Suki has an ulterior motive in EastEnders

A scheming Suki Panesar is up to something (Picture: BBC)

But as Ash and Suki come face to face, tragedy strikes the Suki dramatically collapses, much to everyone's horror.

As her children rally around her, it seems Suki is going to be okay... however, when later Suki pleads with Ash to call a truce between them, she is left conflicted.

But it seems Suki is used to getting her own way, because later in the week Kheerat is looking for office space for work, and she supports his decision to expand, but points out that he should get somewhere close by, clearly planning something.

However it seems Suki could be playing games with her children because as she and Ash start to build brides very slowly, their budding relationship is thrown into jeopardy when Suki's story doesnt add up and Ash is left feeling suspicious of her mum.

EastEnders Ash Panesar

Ash is suspicious that her mum is lying about something next week (Picture: BBC) (Image credit: BBC / Jack Barnes)

Suki isn't one to be put off and soon makes herself at home in Albert Square, but it is clear that she has an ulterior notice and will stop at nothing to get her children on side.

So was her dramatic collapse shortly after her arrival for real? Or all part of a much bigger plan?

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