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Love triangle set to leave THIS character HEARTBROKEN in Home and Away today?

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It looks like there could be heartbreak on the horizon for Home and Away's Willow Harris...

Today's Home and Away sees Ziggy Astoni and Dean Thompson patch their friendship back together, but as the connection between the pair grows stronger, Willow Harris is clearly harbouring secret feelings for her ex.

Yesterday's trip to Summer Bay saw Dean facing the backlash after his surprise kiss with Ziggy.

But while he was doing the right thing by not taking their kiss further, recently dumped Ziggy couldn't help but find herself hurt by his rejection.

Home and Away, Ziggy Morgan, Dean Thompson

Ziggy and Dean shared a surprise kiss last week (Credit: Channel 5)

Home and Away fans have seen Ziggy struggling to deal with the fallout of her marriage breaking down, and seeing husband Brody Morgan looking loved up with Simone Bedford around the Bay, it's not been easy for Ziggy to move on.

But thanks to a few words from Willow, Ziggy finally agrees to hear Dean's side of things today, and he tells her that the only reason they didn't end up spending the night together was because he respects her too much.

Home and Away, Ziggy Morgan, Maggie Astoni, Ben Astoni

Maggie and Ben can see Ziggy is struggling in today's episode (Credit: Channel 5)

With womanising Dean having a personality transplant when it comes to Ziggy, it seems there could be some underlying feelings there for the surfer... and it looks like Ziggy could be tempted into a romance, too.

But as the pair get closer, and even defend one another today as Dean has an altercation with Brody in the middle of surf club, it seems Willow might soon start to regret helping the pair patch up their friendship.

As she talks to Colby Thorne about Dean today, it is clear to see her old feelings for her ex are starting to resurface.

Home and Away, Willow Harris, Dean Thompson

Should Willow confess her true feelings to Dean? (Credit: Channel 5)

Colby tells Willow that she should be honest with Dean and tell him how she feels... but she's reluctant, having not really admitted her feelings to herself yet.

But as Willow puts off telling Dean how she feels, will he end up moving on with Ziggy leaving Willow to realise she has left it too late?

This is one Summer bay love triangle that could become seriously messy...

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