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Hot new ROMANCE on the cards for THIS unexpected Home and Away pair?

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It looks like Dean Thompson could be hiding secret feelings for someone in today's Home and Away...

It seems there could be something of a love triangle occurring in Home and Away this week between Dean Thompson, Ziggy Astoni and Willow Harris.

At the end of last week Home and Away fans saw Dean trying to cheer up friend Ziggy in the wake of her marriage breakdown with Brody Morgan.

Viewers will know that Brody called time on his marriage to Ziggy after falling for Simone Bedford - and with it being Ziggy's 21st birthday, Dean is desperate to put a smile back on his friend's face again.

Home and Away, Dean Thompson, Ziggy Morgan

Could Ziggy and Dean become more than just good friends? (Credit: Channel 5)

But as his offerings of beer and a cup cake left Ziggy happier than she has been in ages, the pair shared a drunken kiss, only for Dean to turn Ziggy down when she wanted to take things further.

Ziggy is left mortified at Dean's rejection and she refuses to listen as he tries to explain why he wouldn't sleep with her.

Home and Away, Ziggy Morgan, Dean Thompson

Ziggy and Dean kissed last week (Credit: Channel 5)

It doesn't take long for Willow to work out that something happened between the pair, but she jumps to the wrong conclusion in today's episode and thinks that they spent the night together.

But while Willow might have totally the wrong end of the stick, it seems she might be feeling jealous about the potential romance between the pair.

While Ziggy nurses her wounded pride, it is clear that Dean was being a gentleman by turning her down, and despite his claims to Ziggy that he didn't want to be her rebound guy, it seems he might actually really care for Ziggy.

Home and Away, Ziggy Morgan, Dean Thompson

Things get heated between Ziggy and Dean in today's visit to Summer Bay (Credit: Channel 5)

Could he secretly be harbouring real romantic feelings for his bosses daughter?

But while Ziggy and Dean have the potential to become Summer Bay's hottest new couple, Willow is clearly uneasy about the pair having a connection.

Could her new-found jealousy push her to tell Dean how she really feels before things go any further with Ziggy?

Also in today's Home and Away - Jett struggles with life as a paraplegic as he tries a wheelchair for the first time, and Tori wonders once again if she can be a good single mum.

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