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Shock attack in Home and Away leaves THIS family torn apart

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Ziggy Astoni finds a way to unleash her anger at Brody Morgan in today's Home and Away...

Today's Home and Away sees Ziggy Astoni lash out at cheating husband Brody Morgan when she catches him having a romantic picnic with Simone Bedford, the woman he ended their marriage for.

Home and Away fans will have seen Simone and Brody's affair revealed recently when an unsuspecting Ziggy Astoni walked in on them in bed together.

The shock that her husband was having an affair turned Ziggy's life upside down, and to make matters worse, her boss and brother-in-law, Justin, knew about his brother's cheating and did nothing about it.

Home and Away, Ziggy Morgan, Maggie Astoni

Ziggy was devastated when she discovered Brody had been cheating on her... (Credit: Channel 5)

But after days of lounging on the sofa and refusing to leave the house, Ziggy's parents Ben and Maggie are desperate to get their daughter out of the house and back to work, thinking it will do her good to get  back into a routine.

But of course heading to work with your brother-in-law is hard work. Ziggy makes it very clear that she is back only to work and finish her apprenticeship, not to be friends with Justin again, leaving him disappointed.

However, Ziggy isn't the only one having a bad time. Brody and Simone are adamant that they shouldn't hide their romance now it is out in the open and they head to the diner for a coffee.

Home and Away, Ziggy Morgan

Ziggy's world has been turned upside down thanks to her cheating husband... (Credit: Channel 5)

But as they come face-to-face with Maggie and Ben, their afternoon together soon turns sour when Ziggy's parents make a hasty exit, but not before giving their cheating son-in-law some home truths.

Trying to forget their run-in with the Astonis, the new couple head off for a picnic. But as luck would have it, they are spotted by Ziggy, who has ventured for a surf with Ben for the first time in weeks.

Ziggy sees red as she spots the pair kissing in public and marches straight towards them... but it isn't Simone who she is targeting, it's Brody.

Home and Away, Brody Morgan, Simone Bedford

Brody and Simone go public with their relationship - but it doesn't end well (Credit: Channel 5)

Punching her husband in the face, Ziggy unleashes the hurt that has been building up for weeks, and with Ben having to pull her away from Brody, it doesn't look like she has finished venting her anger in the slightest.

Will Ziggy regret hitting Brody, or is she just getting started with her revenge plan against the husband who turned her role life upside down?

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