'Married At First Sight UK' fans praise Luke for calling out Morag’s behaviour in reunion show

Married At First Sight UK contestants
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Married At First Sight UK watchers were happy to finally see Luke call out and criticise Morag’s behaviour throughout the experiment in last night’s (Monday 4 Oct.) reunion show, which resulted in an explosive argument between the pair.

Last night, we discovered which couples were still together after the show as they reunited to chat once again to the relationship experts, Paul C Brunson, Melanie Schilling and Charlene Douglas.

Luke and Morag decided to recommit to each other after the vow renewal ceremony. However, things seemed to be particularly hostile between Luke and Morag last night as Morag walked in on her own when she reunited with the remaining couples. 

Morag then claimed that Luke hadn't phoned her once since leaving the experiment. 

Meanwhile, Luke revealed privately to the cameras that he felt “used” by Morag.

Fans will know that Morag and Luke have had a rollercoaster of a relationship, with Morag trying to change things about Luke, saying that he wasn’t her type and that she wanted someone “more man than boy.”

When it was Luke and Morag’s turn to speak to the experts, Charlene pointed out that: “We’re noticing that there’s a bit of distance between the two of you,” as they sat apart from each other on the couch.

The experts seemed shocked and confused about the current state of the couple’s relationship and when they showed a clip of their touching vow renewals, Morag said: “I felt like we ended on a high. I genuinely felt like we were in the best place we could have been in at the time. Obviously there were highs and lows. 

“The position we were in, I felt like I owed it to us to give it a go. However, from the moment we left the experiment, Luke hasn’t phoned me once. And everyday I don’t hear from him I get angrier and angrier.”

Luke explained himself and said that he had felt she still wasn’t giving everything into the relationship and that they had both agreed he would give her space. He also clarified that even though he didn’t ring her, he messaged her every morning and night.

“We spoke on one day, and you basically turned round and categorically told me you had never seen us in a relationship. It was like, well, what have I been fighting for?” Luke said to Morag, “I was like: What does the final commitment ceremony mean to you? And she was like, “it’s a TV show,”” he added.

Morag strongly denied the claim, also saying that it wasn’t a proper marriage and that he never asked her to be his girlfriend.

An incredulous Luke cried out, “What did we just go through?!”

Luke seethed that he had “been played the whole time” and that it was just a game for her. Morag exploded and branded Luke as “fake” when he told her that he loved her weeks back, which he said at the time he thought he did, but now he doesn't.

When asked what they had learnt about themselves from the experiment, Luke said, “I can't change, I am who I am, I feel these things, I am over it, I just feel used.”

Fans were glad to see Luke standing up for himself and realising that he deserved better...

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Married At First Sight UK is available to stream on-demand on E4.

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