Masked Singer US fans tricked by Hydra double bluff

The Masked Singer US Hydra performs with backup dancers
(Image credit: Michael Becker / FOX)

The Masked Singer US fans have been desperately trying to work out who the three-headed Hydra is, with the very large dragon intriguing viewers as this is the first time we've had multiple people in one costume.

Throughout the course of the series there's been a number of theories, including the rather solid one that suggested Hydra was the Three Amigos, Martin Short, Chevy Chase and Steve Martin. 

However fans were proven wrong as Hydra was finally unmasked, and it turns out there were only two celebrities hidden under the costume, as it's a very famous duo indeed!

The alleged trio was actually magicians Penn and Teller, with the masters of misdirection doing just that, trying to convince the panel and audience that there were three of them under there to throw them off.

In fact, the magicians were hidden under the right and left heads, with the middle one being empty (aside from a rabbit in a hat puppet!) in a revelation that delighted fans. Because Teller is known for being the silent half of the duo, he was able to trick fans by using different voices and doing most of the singing.

Speaking about their time under the costume, Penn said: "People have told us this is the most complicated costume, and they picked the right guys for it. I mean we've been hung upside down, we have been in much smaller places than that!"

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Fans were delighted by the unmasking, with some commenting on how "clever" it was to get Teller more involved due to the fact Penn has a very distinctive voice, and does the vast majority of the talking when they're working together!

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Now that we know Hydra's true identity, a lot of the clues make sense. The magic 8 ball reading "ask your amigos" referred to their line of work, meaning the amigo clue was just coincidence, and including an ATM (or Automated Teller Machine) was a subtle and clever way of teasing their identity.

What's more, we saw references to their TV and film cameos too, as there was a shark to signify their appearance in Sharknado 3 and a pair of Miami water skiis referencing their stint on Miami Vice.

Unfortunately, we won't get to see the duo perform as Hydra anymore, as Armadillo beat them in the head-to-head, but we've got plenty more great costumes to unmask!

The Masked Singer US continues on FOX.

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