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Miranda Hart 'torn' over whether to make more Miranda episodes

Miranda Hart on her New Year's Day special
(Image credit: BBC/Monkey Kingdom/Guy Levy)

Surely it would be 'such fun' to make more?!

Miranda Hart has revealed that she’s "torn" over whether to make more episodes of her hugely popular comedy series Miranda.

The 46-year-old star will gallop back onto our screens on New Year’s Day for Miranda: My Such Fun Celebration, which will see her host a reunion with the cast as they share some lovely memories.

Miranda Hart reunited with Patricia Hodge and Sarah Hadland and

Miranda Hart reunited with Patricia Hodge and Sarah Hadland (Image credit: BBC/Monkey Kingdom/Guy Levy)

However, there’s still no actual new episode for fans to enjoy and there hasn’t been one since the show seemingly finished for good in 2015.

Miranda, though, certainly isn’t ruling out making some specials, although she admits feeling “torn” on whether to continue the story of her madcap alter ego.

Asked if there could be more Miranda in the future, she replied: “This Such Fun Celebration felt like it could go both ways. It could be the goodbye forever (so for that reason I really hope people watch it and enjoy it), or it could be a springboard in to some specials.

“I am very torn - part of me wants to see Gary and Miranda’s married life, part of me wonders whether the story was told and as Miranda gets older it’s a very different kind of show. So the answer remains - I don’t know.

“But I do know that I am incredibly grateful for every supporter of the show and the legacy that it has created.”

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Miranda Hart and Patricia Hodge

Miranda Hart and Patricia Hodge having a fab time on the New Year's Day special (Image credit: BBC/Monkey Kingdom/Guy Levy)

Billed as a “very special one off shindig at the iconic world famous home of British Entertainment, The London Palladium", Miranda says she was thrilled to perform there.

“In rehearsals we ended up calling it a ‘musical rom com scripted comedy chat show and that kind of sums it up really!

“There’s a bit of everything. And personally it was a surreal dream come true to perform at the Palladium again, but for a show about my own show - that is something I could never have imagined.”

Among the cast returning for the special are Sarah Hadland, who played Miranda’s best mate Stevie, and Patricia Hodge, who played Miranda’s mum Penny.

Miranda: My Such Fun Celebration will be shown on New Year’s Day on BBC1 at 5.45pm.