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Everything you need to know about new Nadiya Hussain series Nadiya’s Time to Eat

Smiling Nadiya Hussain in front of a wall of spices
(Image credit: BBC/Wall to Wall Media/Adam Lawrence)

Nadiya Hussain reveals how to cook delicious meals in double quick time in Nadiya’s Time to Eat on BBC2

There’s no denying Nadiya Hussain is one busy lady.

After shooting to fame with her quirky flavour pairings and flair for presentation on The Great British Bake Off in 2015, the Luton-born star has gone on to write books, present and judge foodie TV shows and guest at cookery events.

Nadiya’s life is just as busy away from the cameras, too, as she’s mum to three adorable young children with husband, Abdal. So just how does she find time to fit everything in?

In this new six-part BBC2 series Nadiya reveals she loves nothing more than an inventive short cut! In a mission to share her secrets Nadiya also makes home visits to overstretched mums and dads with some tasty, time-saving recipes. She also steps out of the kitchen and investigates how many of her go-to ingredients are made too.

Here Nadiya Hussain, 34, tells us more about Nadyia's Time to Eat…

This sounds like our type of cooking show! What inspired it?

Nadiya Hussain: "Prepared meals can ease some of the worry of having to cook fresh every day. I believe if we plan ahead, having meals ready in the freezer can be as convenient as takeaway. I always like to think of one meal as two. During the time you take to cook one meal you could have also made another to stick in your freezer. It’s fresh, you know what you’ve put in it, and all it needs is warming up. Not that I’m saying we shouldn’t treat ourselves to a takeaway occasionally. I love putting my feet up and not worrying about cooking!"

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What are your all-time top kitchen time-savers?

NH: "For any dish that requires cooked onions, buy frozen chopped onions or even ready-fried onions. Don’t throw away any wilting herbs – zap them in the microwave for 10 seconds and they dry instantly. Then crush in the palm of your hand and store for another day. Also, tinned vegetables take away preparation time, especially for root vegetables like potatoes and carrots. There’s a stigma attached to them but they’re so convenient to have in the cupboard, and a great way to bulk up dishes to help them go further."

How about general housekeeping tips – any favourites?

NH: "Next time you squeeze the juice of half a lemon into anything, keep the flesh. Fill it with baking soda or bicarbonate of soda and pop into the back of the fridge in a bowl to keep your fridge smelling clean!"

You also discover how some of our favourite foods are produced. Did anything particularly surprise you?

NH: "Yes, that baked beans are filled into the cans raw and then pressure-cooked in the cans. That was mind-blowing!"

Nadiya with Oksana Bowkett at Monaghan Mushrooms in Somerset

Nadiya Hussain with Oksana Bowkett at Monaghan Mushrooms in Somerset (Image credit: BBC/Wall to Wall Media/Cliff Evans)

Have you any advice for cooking for a fussy eater?

NH: "One of my three kids used to be very fussy. It was frustrating and I often did all the wrong things like telling him he had to finish his meal. I soon realised it wasn’t working and encouraging an unhealthy relationship with food. It’s taken years of biting my tongue, but now I leave him to it. The best way for me has been to lead by example. Sitting together to eat and being relaxed has made it easy for him to enjoy his food. Be patient, it will happen. Now I can’t stop him eating!"

What do you like to do when you’ve saved time in the kitchen?

NH: "I love reading or going to the movies with the kids and losing myself in a bucket of popcorn. I also like to go on bike rides and love walking. My next challenge is to do the Three Peaks."

Apart from popcorn, what other treats do you enjoy?

NH: "Chips or lava fries. Chips covered in chilli, melted cheese and with lots of lime coriander and sour cream. And Marmite crisps… Mostly anything potato based!"

Nadiya’s Time to Eat starts on BBC2 on Monday 15th July at 8pm.


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