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Neighbours announces shock news that a 'fan favourite will be killed off' this Christmas

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Susan's the talk of Ramsay Street

Neighbours has revealed that this Christmas is set to leave fans heartbroken as one Ramsay Street resident meets an untimely death...

There's tragedy heading for Ramsay Street as Neighbours officially reveals that one of the soap's most popular characters is set to meet a grisly end.

The soap shared the sad news with fans on its official Facebook page - leaving everyone guessing who it could be that is facing a bleak Christmas.

The Sharma-Rebecchi's 'Christmas in July' photoshoot for their Face of Lassiters poster in Neighbours.

There's festive cheer as well as drama as Neighbours celebrates Christmas

This summer in Ramsay Street (or winter for us UK viewers) will see some of the soap's most explosive storylines, not only to celebrate the fact the show will be airing its 8000th episode - a huge milestone in itself - but also because for the first time ever the soap won't be taking it's traditional Christmas break.

For the last 33 years Neighbours has always had a break over the festive season, leaving fans waiting until New Year after airing their huge end of season cliff-hanger.

Neighbours to air first same-sex wedding on Australian TV

Neighbours has celebrated some huge milestones in 2018, including David and Aaron's wedding, the first same-sex wedding on Australian TV

But fans won't have to wait a single day this year because the drama will run throughout Christmas and into the new year - with Neighbours even being aired on Christmas Day!

But don't expect too much festive fun - the soap has revealed there will also be plenty of drama as well...

"The devastating death of a fan favourite will change the lives of our neighbours, and us, forever."

Neighbours-Eve Morey plays Sonya Rebecchi

Could Sonya find herself in trouble as evil Alice gets the ultimate revenge?

But which character will be meeting their maker? Could evil nanny Alice finally get the ultimate revenge and bump Sonya off?

Things certainly don't sound rosy in the Rebecchi household... "Alice will stop at nothing to pull off her poisonous plot against a much-loved resident".

Or could Finn make a recovery to get his revenge on Susan for his cliff-top fall? "We might know that Susan pushed Finn off the cliff, but will he survive her murderous act? The answer is waiting in the wings, ready for revelation."

Susan Neighbours

Will Susan's deadly secret about Finn be revealed?

But that's not the only Christmas treats heading our way. Neighbours has also teased more Ramsay Street drama...

"One Ramsay Street resident will return from the dead, only to haunt Erinsborough once more, while a shocking cheating scandal and consequent pregnancy will shake a hot new couple to the core.

Paul Robinson Neighbours

Could the Ramsay Street ghost be coming back to visit Paul?

The soap also hinted we could be hearing wedding bells in Erinsborough... "Everybody knows the biggest presents come in the smallest boxes, but will two of Ramsay Street's favourite couples actually make it down the aisle?"

We already know Elly and Mark get engaged - but who is the other mystery couple?

Neighbours Executive producer, Jason Herbison also revealed: "We're serving up cocktails with twists and turns, blasts from the past, betrayal, love, lust and intrigue a plenty. We'll be ending 2018 on a high and starting the new year with a bang."

Neighbours airs weekdays at 1.45pm and 5.30pm on Channel 5

Picture credits: Channel 5